Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teeth, sitting, and almost crawling...

Yes it has been a very long time without a real update, we are staying extremely busy here. We are very behind on some updates with the kiddos and I hope not to leave any out. Last weekend they turned 8 months old...where has the time gone. As much as I miss the little 3 pounders, I love watching them learn and grow every day. I know I don't tell them enough, only every second of the day, but I love them so so so so very much and I cannot get enough of them!

The girls both have their two bottom teeth! Madison had hers cut through finally after some long nights on September 28th and Elizabeths' came in October 7th. Logan has two teeth getting ready to cut through and they are all working on more, or at least the drooling is working its way out. Anything they can chew on they are, they are even going after my toes like crazy, I HATE wearing socks and now I have to to avoid the piranhas.

After many attempts this is the best I could get, I promise they are there

Elizabeth poses for every picture no matter what we do and will not show her teeth. I love this picture as it shows what is to out world!

The girls are sitting up with assistance a lot. Elizabeth somehow today was able to get there on her own, we are not sure how just yet but are so proud. Our kiddos are growing up way too fast. They love being big kids and this has helped a lot with the girls reflux. Logan loves sitting in his Bumbo, he sits back and relaxes like a little man.

Madison started scooting over a week ago while Elizabeth was rolling everywhere. Now they are army crawling and rocking on their knees all day...I always have the camera out, but now more than ever. I am terrified of missing any of their firsts, yes I am that Mom that cries if I miss something important. Side note: Elizabeth rolled over for the first time when I was a my Mom of Multiples group meeting, I was devastated and did not want to leave the house ever again.

Logan is progressing so well, with ECI coming out once a week and working with us, me and him, on stretches he is doing more than I thought by now. He is still extremely tight, just not as often. When he is doing his tummy time he does not fight nearly as much and sometimes he even enjoys it :). The girls love him so much and are always scooting over to him, whether it is to chew on his clothes or feet or just giving him kisses.

Their weights as of today:

Logan 14lbs 7oz

Elizabeth 18lbs

Madison 15lbs 5oz

So I need to vent a little before the pictures. We found out today that we are not going to qualify for Synagis shots, we were told they were born too healthy. The stipulations have changed this year and because of it we no longer qualify. What makes it worse is we were told earlier in the year by our insurance company that we would and also by the pulmonologists office last month, last week, and this morning. I haul everyone out to the appointment expecting to get shots and they look them over and at the end tell us we were denied when they first submited the paperwork, which was a while ago. Couldn't they tell us this over the phone so we wouldn't have to take our babies to the hospital where all the germs are?? They are working on getting us qualified still, but we have been told about a 1% chance of that. Now I am even more afraid of germs and people coming into our home, let alone going anywhere. Every day when Brandon gets home from work he changes his clothes and sanitizes like crazy, as do I if I get out of the house. We are trying with every effort to keep our children as healthy as possible.

Okay, so here is what you have been waiting cute!

Big girl Lizy catching up on her reading.

Madison loves anything to do with technology, and was after my camera.

Hmmm, Logan your pants look mighty tasty today...

This is my best attempt at a group photo out of 9 takes...giggly girls and a not so thrilled Logan.

Lauren and Avery we LOVE our dresses...thank you so much XOXO!

My saving grace, our triplet life has gotten a bit easier now.

Mama, no pictures while eating, I just cannot pose with a full mouth...

Go ahead try it, I might eat it or I might spit it at you...hehehehe.

Logan seems to get more on himself than in his mouth...still working on this one.

Daddy and the kiddos playing.

Such a cute pumpkin booty...Madison loves her sleep.

It was a fight but Mommy won this one Lizy.

Madison must always have something to chew on, another attempt at a
group photo.

Sweet little things...

My personal favorite...I don't know what your talking about Mommy, I did
not do anything - Madison

We will try to post again soon.
Love to you all!!!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its off to work I go

Just a quick update on the job hunt. I was lucky enough to find a job pretty quickly, I actually started last Monday. I had a few offers to consider but decided to head back to one of my former employers, same company just a different role. I am pretty excited to be back as I loved working there before and really only left because the money was too good to turn down. The bad news is this job comes with a pay cut for the first year, it will be a little tight but we should be okay. Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement from all the readers. Scary time for a lot of people, just glad I was able to find something quickly.

I will try to get some pictures up in the next couple days. Some big events around here the last couple days! TEASE!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lockdown is here

Thank you Heather for letting us copy your RSV post. She added some awesome links regarding RSV if you would like to know more about it. Please read this so you know why Brandon and I are so crazy about germs and sanitizing everything.

Starting October first through the end of April we will be on "RSV Lockdown". That's 7 months of no shopping, going out to eat, or taking the babies to other crowded areas. We will only be taking the babies to necessary doctors appointments during the RSV season. Since our babies were pre-term, they did not acquire the necessary immunities to fight off infection.

Here's a brief explanation Heather found at
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a very common virus. RSV usually causes mild cold-like symptoms in adults and children. But premature babies or those with lung or heart problems have a high risk of getting very sick if they catch RSV early in life. This is because premature babies do not have fully developed lungs. Also, because they were born early, they may not have received virus-fighting substances (called antibodies) from their mothers that help them fight off RSV and other viruses. Each year, an estimated 125,000 infants in the United States are hospitalized with severe RSV, the leading cause of infant hospitalization. Severe RSV infections may cause up to 500 infants deaths annually in the United States.

To help prevent RSV we pretty much expect the same as always from friends and family. We ask that you do not bring over children, don't visit if you have been/have been around someone who is sick within the past 2 weeks... regardless of how much you want to see and miss the babies! When visiting we ask that you wear freshly washed clothing or bring a change of clothes to change into. You will also be asked to wash and sanitize your hands upon arrival. Brandon and I will be changing our clothes anytime we leave the house to make sure we do not bring any germs in. The babies will also be receiving monthly Synagis shots during the RSV season. The shots are designed to help protect preemies and other high risk babies from severe RSV.

On another note, Brandon lost his job earlier this week due to the economy so we ask that you please pray for him in finding a job soon.

Love to all!