Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Madison does the Elaine Dance.

You'll have to wait a few to understand what the title means, but trust me its worth the wait. So much to catch up on.

First the trips turned 7 months on Friday, hard to believe I know. Its seems like only yesterday we were packing them up and bringing them home, scared out of our minds by the way. Now we are like a well oiled machine, we could bathe, change, and feed them in our sleep (which we might have done on occasion). Here is a pic from the 18th.

The big news of the week though has to be our Lizy being the first to sit without us holding her up. Here she is below showing off. She was probably able to do this weeks ago, but we started playing a game with her when we would try to have her sit up. We would let her fall back onto a pillow or bobby and yell "Go Boom" every time. She thought this was the greatest game ever and probably slowed down her progress because as soon as you would sit her down she would push herself backwards to fall down. At any rate she eventually learned what the real object was.

Poor Madison is the first one to teeth. She should have her first pearly whites any day now. If her temperament is any indication of what's to come, I am scared.... make that terrified! She goes from happy, chatty baby to Mad, Mad Madi in like .2 seconds. And once this girl turns, there is very little that can bring her back. To her credit she has handled it pretty well I can't imagine it feels all that great so I can understand. I am just scared for the days when all three are screaming in pain, should be a blast. Here is the Madi grin, no pain here!

Mr. Loogie. Our poor dude has had his fair share of battles. We met with a nutritionist this week and she helped explain why Logan has had such a hard time gaining weight. His high tone (tense muscles) have him burning a ton more calories then the girls. He is finishing an 8 oz bottle 5 times a day and is still not getting enough calories. I had flash backs to feeding AJ back at the beginning of the pregnancy and getting nowhere near the calorie goal. So the increased caloric need plus the fact he has to use a thickener (empty calories) and not cereal has him behind the girls in weight. So to try and bump his calories we are trying a third grain, barley, to see if he has less of a reaction to this. My bet is he will because 1) He is a Sather, 2) Barley is one of the ingredients in beer, 3)Sather's love beer. This was his reaction when he learned he would be getting his first taste of beer.

Back to our blog title. Madison has this new move in which she flairs her arms and legs in a crazy motion. I likened it to the Elaine dance from Seinfeld fame. First check out the video of Elaine here and then check out Madi below. Too funny. Watch it a second time and just watch Lizy, she stares at the camera the whole time because she is such a ham. She knows to smile any time we bring it out. Then Madi starts to hit her and I have to pull her out of harms way, one of my favorite videos.

Some bonus pics.

The girls having a little wrestling match.

My Dad and Step Mom Joan cam for a visit. The kids let her hear all about that Michigan victory over a certain team from South Bend. Get used to it kids, Charlie Weis still has a bunch of years left on that contract.

Food time, we are getting better at this I swear. Can't wait for our triplet table to get hear these IKEA specials are a pain in the butt.

Lizy fought the Nap and the Nap won!

We bring the kids down one at a time in the morning and put them in the pack and play until we change them. They are so happy at this time, it really is the best part of the day.

Logan getting some exersaucer time.

Lizy giving her devious smile, she is going to be a trouble maker no question about it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Six Month Update

We finally had our six month appointment with our new pediatrician and we love him! Here are their current stats. The percents listed are their adjusted age of 4 1/2 months and their actual age of 6 1/2 months at the time of the appointment.


Weight 11lbs 14.6oz adjusted age 5th percentile, not on chart for actual age
Height 24.25in adjusted age 25th percentile, not on chart for actual age


Weight 15lbs 10.4oz adjusted age 90th percentile, actual age 50th percentile
Height 25.25in adjusted age 80th percentile, actual age 30th percentile


Weight 13lbs 6.8oz adjusted age she is in the 50th percentile, actual age 10th percentile
Height 24.75in adjusted age she is in the 70th percentile, actual age 15th percentile

ECI has started working with Logan and is coming to our house once a week, the first meeting was last week and we are now working on stretches with him in order to get his preemie extension and high tone to normal. He does not love these exercises but he does let us stretch him as long as we are making him laugh.

Now for some of the pictures from our 6 month photo session:

Miss Madison and her sweetness!

A look we often see...

Miss Elizabeth, always a smile

Logan, how can you not love him to pieces!

Mommy with all three, what a hard picture this was to get
We ordered this picture, this is what my day normally looks like, how sweet.

Such a handsome little man

The girls are rolling all over the place, I am not able to change a diaper without worrying where they will end up next. Elizabeth is trying to scoot along, so precious to watch her as she gets so tired from not moving forward after all her hard work.

Have a fabulous week...love to you all!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Month

Ok so I realize its been a LOOOOOOOONG time since we had an actual blog update, seems like I right that every time I blog, but I digress. Lots to cover so lets get started.

First AJ finally talked me into a trip to Chili's with the kiddo's. I probably would not have been brave enough by ourselves but we had her friend Barb in town so we could play a little man on man. It went pretty good, though Barb did have to hold Logan for pretty much the whole meal. Regardless we survived without any major melt downs and we didn't get kicked out, both good things. We have tried to get out at least once a weekend, missed a few but at least I am not keeping them locked up anymore.

Lizy ended up picking an Oldtimer with Cheese.

A couple days later was our 4 year anniversary. We decided to get dressed up and hit up a nice Steak dinner and a musical (Mama Mia and save the jokes I've already heard them all). It was probably the most successful anniversary "date" we have had. It was very nice just to get out for the night and spend some time together. Here is a picture to prove we do clean up.

AJ is "lucky" enough to have her birthday fall 10 days after our anniversary. So we got a group of friends together and headed out to a local watering hole for a few drinks. It was a good time while it lasted but unfortunately AJ started to feel a little sick (not from drinking) and we had to make it an early night. Still good to see everyone, thank to all who came out.

Enough about us you came here to hear about the trips. Everyone is doing GREAT! Eating well, growing (some faster than others), and starting to play. The girls are really starting to use their hands and grab at toys, feet, or anything that comes into reach....including Logan's bib, pants or shirt. Poor Logan is a little behind, the doctors call it Preemie Extension which basically makes his limbs very stiff making it harder for him to use them. We have met with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) and they are going to start therapy with him this Friday. They will basically teach us how to work with him so he can learn how to use his hands and catch up to the girls.

We also met with the Developmental Pedi. They echoed what ECI said about Logan, so we know they are on the right track. The girls are really about a month ahead of their adjusted age, which is just awesome. They seem so big it's scary. Lizy is up over 15 lbs, Madi 12.5 lbs and poor Logan was still just under 12lbs. I would give you exact weights but 1. I don't know them off hand and 2. They were taken a week ago so they really aren't accurate today anyway.

Here are some pics for you viewing pleasure.

Were not faking, both sleeping.

This was from our photo shoot. This in a nut shell is how the group photos went.

Lizy has the best smile you have ever seen.

Starting to hold her own bottle (towards the end only, but still)

We started to feed the kids some peas. This is not going great, but it's a process (or so I'm told).
Madi sticks her tongue out and you have to scrape it on. If she looks at me when she is eating she starts grinning which makes me laugh, which makes her laugh, which makes her not eat...you get the picture.

Logan is not liking peas, gags every time you stick it in his mouth. The look of death here tells it all.

Lizy tries to get out of her Bumbo as soon as you set her in it, this is not good for eating.

Logan ready for football season. Go Blue!

Quick story. As a child my mother would make my brothers and I hold hands on the couch as a punishment for fighting, etc. We HATED this punishment, I still contend this was the cruelest thing she could do. Looks like Logan hates it already, girls not so much. They love their brother any time we sit him next to them the smile and start reaching for his hands, arms, head, or anything they can reach.

Madi looking for a smooch.

Mom with her kids on the big 29.
Madi Belle giving her "I'm innocent" look

I have no idea what is going on here, some funky pose while still hanging onto some chain links. Most likely this was proceeded by 30 minutes of hysterical crying.

Watch for another post this week for an update from their (late) 6 month check up and some more pictures from our 6 month photo shoot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Update....coming tomorrow

Until then I just wanted to get the word out on a web site I created for parents of multiples. The site is MultiplesDiscountClub.com. Check it out and sign up (sorry only those with twins or better). I already have discounts I can send out to my new members. Also if your willing I would love for you to add my blog button to the left. I need to get the membership numbers up so I can get better discounts from companies. Lots of work went into this and I am hoping it will one day make a difference.


And big update coming tomorrow with lots of pictures, I promise.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Honest Scrap

Well, I have been nominated by my friend Sandra for the Honest Scrap Award! The idea is to share 10 honest things about yourself that your blog readers may not already know about you, and then pass the award on by nominating 7 other blogs that you find "brilliant in content or design". Sounds easy enough, right? We will see...

1. I actually miss working, I haven't even told Brandon that. I LOVE my job at home with my beautiful children, but there is something about providing for yourself even if it is not the best job in the world. I would not change my job now for anything in the world though!

2. I love getting dressed up and always have whether it is for business or for fun. Now I think it has to do with not having puke, pee, or poop on me. I have always wanted one of those Jetson closets that make you look perfect.

3. I start listening to Christmas music in August and do not get tired of it by the holiday. Something about it makes me so happy. I have started playing it for the kiddos already in hopes I will mold their brains into loving it as much as I do.

4. I have to be organized and have a schedule or I do not function correctly. This has been a bit harder lately but I need to do it. If things are out of order I get very stressed and do not sleep.

5. I love to cook and would really like to cook more than I do. I cannot wait for the kiddos to be older and eat real food, I am already saving up recipes! I like cooking with new ingredients and trying new foods.

6. I talk to myself ALL THE TIME. I actually just went upstairs to check on a crying baby and had an entire conversation with myself...WOW. I am realizing how much more this is happening, I will ask myself a question and answer it, always in my head but still.

7. I have or maybe had the best memory, Brandon cannot stand that I remember things like what we wore to a certain function or a conversation we had that was important. Mommy brain has affected this some, especially lately, he is so excited I am not remembering every detail lately.

8. I have to have my coffee in the morning or I am not happy. I prefer a Starbucks and if I had unlimited money I would go every day sometimes twice a day and I have to go to Starbucks because they carry Soy milk. Pumpkin Spice Latte is back today and I cannot wait to make a stop!

9. Whenever I am alone whether it be in the car or the shower, that is the only time I am alone anymore, I crank the music up as loud as it can go and sing (scream) and dance along. I love all types of music but it has to have a great beat unless I am in the mood for something calming.

10. I actually want more kids. Brandon is very against this, on our first date I told him I wanted 8 to 10 kids and he still married me, I did plan on having one at a time. I would like to have two more as one more would be left out and be the single of the family with triplets or quads, depending who is talking.

I cannot believe that I actually have more in my head, that conversation, but 10 it is.

Okay, so now I am to nominate 7 more blogger friends. Here you are and good luck...

Love to all! Amy-Jo
Also, there will be an update coming very soon.