Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Month

Ok so I realize its been a LOOOOOOOONG time since we had an actual blog update, seems like I right that every time I blog, but I digress. Lots to cover so lets get started.

First AJ finally talked me into a trip to Chili's with the kiddo's. I probably would not have been brave enough by ourselves but we had her friend Barb in town so we could play a little man on man. It went pretty good, though Barb did have to hold Logan for pretty much the whole meal. Regardless we survived without any major melt downs and we didn't get kicked out, both good things. We have tried to get out at least once a weekend, missed a few but at least I am not keeping them locked up anymore.

Lizy ended up picking an Oldtimer with Cheese.

A couple days later was our 4 year anniversary. We decided to get dressed up and hit up a nice Steak dinner and a musical (Mama Mia and save the jokes I've already heard them all). It was probably the most successful anniversary "date" we have had. It was very nice just to get out for the night and spend some time together. Here is a picture to prove we do clean up.

AJ is "lucky" enough to have her birthday fall 10 days after our anniversary. So we got a group of friends together and headed out to a local watering hole for a few drinks. It was a good time while it lasted but unfortunately AJ started to feel a little sick (not from drinking) and we had to make it an early night. Still good to see everyone, thank to all who came out.

Enough about us you came here to hear about the trips. Everyone is doing GREAT! Eating well, growing (some faster than others), and starting to play. The girls are really starting to use their hands and grab at toys, feet, or anything that comes into reach....including Logan's bib, pants or shirt. Poor Logan is a little behind, the doctors call it Preemie Extension which basically makes his limbs very stiff making it harder for him to use them. We have met with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) and they are going to start therapy with him this Friday. They will basically teach us how to work with him so he can learn how to use his hands and catch up to the girls.

We also met with the Developmental Pedi. They echoed what ECI said about Logan, so we know they are on the right track. The girls are really about a month ahead of their adjusted age, which is just awesome. They seem so big it's scary. Lizy is up over 15 lbs, Madi 12.5 lbs and poor Logan was still just under 12lbs. I would give you exact weights but 1. I don't know them off hand and 2. They were taken a week ago so they really aren't accurate today anyway.

Here are some pics for you viewing pleasure.

Were not faking, both sleeping.

This was from our photo shoot. This in a nut shell is how the group photos went.

Lizy has the best smile you have ever seen.

Starting to hold her own bottle (towards the end only, but still)

We started to feed the kids some peas. This is not going great, but it's a process (or so I'm told).
Madi sticks her tongue out and you have to scrape it on. If she looks at me when she is eating she starts grinning which makes me laugh, which makes her laugh, which makes her not eat...you get the picture.

Logan is not liking peas, gags every time you stick it in his mouth. The look of death here tells it all.

Lizy tries to get out of her Bumbo as soon as you set her in it, this is not good for eating.

Logan ready for football season. Go Blue!

Quick story. As a child my mother would make my brothers and I hold hands on the couch as a punishment for fighting, etc. We HATED this punishment, I still contend this was the cruelest thing she could do. Looks like Logan hates it already, girls not so much. They love their brother any time we sit him next to them the smile and start reaching for his hands, arms, head, or anything they can reach.

Madi looking for a smooch.

Mom with her kids on the big 29.
Madi Belle giving her "I'm innocent" look

I have no idea what is going on here, some funky pose while still hanging onto some chain links. Most likely this was proceeded by 30 minutes of hysterical crying.

Watch for another post this week for an update from their (late) 6 month check up and some more pictures from our 6 month photo shoot.


Stephanie said...

Busy month is right! ;)
They all look so adorable! My son went through ECI for speech..it is such a wonderful program!! Best of luck to you! They did wonders for us!!

Cochran Quads said...

Precious babies!! So glad y'all got to have some away time!!! The eating pictures brought back a flood of memories!!!! I miss that age...... oh, did I really just say that?

Anonymous said...

Hi AmyJo and Brandon!
The babies look precious! :o) Amy Jo you look fabulous! I'm so glad everyone is doing well. ECI programs are great! I actually just went back down to the ECDD (Michigan's version of ECI). Over the years, I have had a few kiddos with preemie extension.If you have any questions, or want any extra ideas or tips feel free to ask! Good luck! Getting in there early is the best thing for him! Love you guys! Love, Kati

Anonymous said...

Gotta get some Real College Wear!


Brandon said...

Just like a cowardly ND fan to not even publish their name. I can't blame you if I was a fan of the Irish I wouldn't want anyone to know either.

Ticey said...

I just love reading your blog! So glad you got to enjoy two nights out. We just have twins and we struggle to get out on our own...can't imagine having to find sitter(s) for three, it's hard enough for 2! The babies are adorable!