Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Birthday Partaay!

Our children are growing up way to quickly and I don't think we are ready for them to be 1. Last year they were all in the NICU and I was a very terrified Mommy and today they are all screaming (talking) to me and the girls are wanting to take a step or two in between toys when we are not looking. Logan continues to amaze us in all he has accomplished the last few months, he is wanting to sit with his sisters and fights to every day.

We had a party the weekend after their birthday (yes this post is a little late), mainly adults as we are still in lockdown and paranoid of any germs. I had a jungle theme and then decided it was much easier to be a little more relaxed and leave it at the cake and invitation. The kids were afraid of any balloons even if they were in another room...those things can be terrifying! Our children have many nicknames but they all have an animal nickname as well. Elizabeth is our bear, Madison is our monkey, and Logan is our lion...and these names are so true to them.

Oh, and the kids are afraid of people in general that are not around that often so once they were comfortable with someone they were there a while. Side note since most of our family is far far away stuck in snow drifts in the great state of Michigan we call most of our friends here in Texas Aunts and Uncles. Also a quick thank you to those friends who were sick and did not come, we appreciate you thinking of our kiddos more than you know.

Our awesome invitations from Amy's Card Creations of course with info removed, loved them and she really puts her heart into her work.

The cake...I love it. Instead of smash cakes we did cupcakes with each animal on them

I was terrified if I turned around Elizabeth would attack

Mommy what is this...hmm can we eat the light??

Yes Mommy shoved the cupcake in our faces and yes we kind of liked it...yum yum

Poor Logan, we was not fond of Daddy putting icing on his sweet tooth here.

Hmmm...I think I like this, we will see...

Lets just play do I have to eat it???

Mommy I am over this I want my bottle!!!

Look at all those people waiting to love on our kiddos!

This is what Madison does when she is not sure of people or what is going on. She is too cute and will just sit in the middle of the floor until she is ready closely watching everything.

The kids love to be upside down...our Lizy Bear. Our wonderful neighbor Tori with Logan, she is such a great cook and kept us fed the first few months at home.

Miss Kaity with Lizy

Mama, what are these people doing here?

Uncle Sandeep and Auntie Nam with the cutest kids ever

Mama with her bear, I think we were both pretty tired

No Mama I am not trying to find your secret candy stash.

Madi Belle with Grandpa Tomlinson (my Dad)

The kids received these chairs from Grammie and Grandpa Tomlinson and they look so grown up in them.

Look at those curls

I was a bad Mommy and did not take pictures with any other gifts or sorry. Thank you all so much for thinking of our babies on their first birthday!

Much love to you all!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

Happy 30th Birthday Brandon, you are a great husband, fabulous father, and the best friend I could ask for. Our not so little babies have something they want to say so they are taking over. The first birthday post plus the one year updates are coming soon.


We love you sooo big or as Mommy says "around and around and around we goooo"! We have fun with you every time we get to play and you make us very happy when you take care of us at night. Thank you for helping Mommy out so much since we came home, she really needed it :). If we could talk we would be telling you all day long that you are the BEST Daddy in the whole wide world. We all love the triple tickle and how you are always dancing for us! Thank you for being our mountain to climb on and for letting us hit you with all of our toys. Da da da da we LOVE you!

Love - Logan, Elizabeth, Madison and Mommy, oh and The Blue

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trial run...

We did a small celebration with mini cupcakes on the kiddos actual birthday. Here are a few photos of the experience.

I still cannot believe we used candles, but we had to. My Mom and I were guarding the flames. Elizabeth was testing us on our reaction time.

Lizy wanted to eat the cupcake so bad she stuck her thumb in and shoved it in her face!

Madi Belle was not the happiest but she had fun eating.

Logan was not sure on the frosting, we are still working on it.

Okay Grammie, I will try one more time...maybe for the party.

I ended up feeding the girls, after getting messy the first time they were not so sure.

Hope to have more of their party up this weekend. I am still in shock that they are ONE!

Love to all!!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010


What a year it has been at 1:38pm and 1:39pm a year ago today February 18, 2009, our sweet, precious, beautiful, adorable MIRACLES were born. Our world has changed so much for the better because of you sweet babies. Our love for you is something your Daddy and I never thought possible and it still grows every second of every day. You all make us extremely happy and if we could we would hold you in our arms all day long.

It is hard to believe our little 3lb, 3.1lb, and 3.3lb babies are ONE year old today...where does the time go, honestly? I have put some of their first photos below and then some recent photos. Just when I was going through the pictures I was getting teary eyed and wanted to go squeeze the love out of them, as I type they are all asleep so that will not happen just yet...LOVE THEM so much!

***WARNING*** The first picture is a little scary and I cannot believe I am posting it, but hey it was the last photo of me pregnant standing up...let's just say Mama was ready and not in the mood :-).

I had not slept in over 24 hours and was not the happiest person, contractions and too many shots to count for over 2 months is not fun, however they are very worth it.

Getting ready to meet our babies...

They're here and Mommy does not remember this picture at all!

Mr Logan

Miss Elizabeth

Miss Madison

And now we have...

Mommy I did not do it...

Me tip over the toy...nope it was The Blue...hehehe

I just love this picture because it shows some of his curls in the back

Mommy stop, I know I'm cute but you already took 20 pictures

The girls LOVING the ball pit...thanks Grammie and Grandpa!!!!

Yes that is Logan in the corner laying down and yes Lizy Bear is about to "love" on him

Uh oh what is Daddy getting me into, these girls are crazy

Seriously it does not get sweeter than this, take the girls to the cribs and come back to Logans sweet face sound asleep, I know awwwwww.

All our love-Mommy and Daddy