Monday, December 7, 2009

Grow babies grow...

We finally had our 9 month check up last week and it was the worst so far with the shots, oh my goodness! We are definitely making sure we have one adult per child at their year visit. Here are their stats and then on with the pictures.


Weight 16lbs 6oz

Height 26 3/4 in


Weight 19lbs 11oz

Height 28 1/2 in


Weight 16lbs 12.8oz

Height 26 1/4 in

Ok so now that Amy-Jo has the "business" end of this post out of the way I will get back in the saddle for a good old Daddy post. It's been awhile, as I have basically passed the duty on to AJ. But she is busy with Christmas cards and giving me "the look" so blog I must.

So even though having triplets is really freaking hard, it does have its perks. We always have at least one child who is happy and in a good mood (we always have one in a bad mood as well but this is a happy post!). Also, with three babies we very rarely have to waste food. Someone will always take a few extra bites to finish the jar, very nice. But maybe the best perk of all is that Santa makes house calls! All it took was Daddy volunteering at the HOA's Christmas event and a few favors later, Santa baby!

Needless to say the kids were not as excited! Maybe next year.

The other day Lizy fell asleep in her jumper when Daddy was watching the kids. Well it turns out she is forming a habit, here she is the next day with Mommy. She looks so comfortable, and honestly if we put her in bed at this time its a scream fest, so to the jumper she goes.

Logan and Mommy prefer a more conventional napping spot.

Madi trying to use Lizy as a pillow. I was not here for this but have to assume this was staged. See the next couple of pictures for my reasoning. (Mommy here, this was not staged, the girls always cuddle.)

Lizy and Madi wrestling in a steel cage match.

I can't even tell you how often Lizy does this to Madi. I caught her later in the day dragging her around by her sleeve in the kitchen, poor Madi.

Logan getting in some tummy time.

The girls starting on teething biscuits, these give a whole new definition to "messy food"

Why do we need teething biscuits you ask? Look at all those teeth, Lizy not so happily showing them off (as of right now she has 6!).

Oh ya and she is standing already. She can pull herself up while Madi needs a little help getting there, but still. Poor Logan is still playing catch up but making some good progress.

A random picture of Blue you ask? Well a closer look reveals some footie PJ's. A little too big for one of the kids you say. And there is Brandon in the back ground, hmmm I wonder who could be wearing those footie PJ's....hmmmm.

Madi - "Daddy I want some of YOUR bottle"
Daddy - " No Madi you can't have my happy juice"

I said give me your bottle!
Madi, thanks for distracting Daddy I was able to get his bottle! Hiccup!

Disclaimer: No babies consumed alcohol in the making of these pictures.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What happens when Daddy watches the kids?

This happens.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update coming soon...

We have the nine month appointment tomorrow and I will give an update on everything afterwards. For now here are some recent pictures. Most of the pictures are blurry because my camera no longer likes me.
All of us on Thanksgiving, very difficult to get this.
Sweet Lizy Bear...yes I was right there as Brandon took the picture, it was just too cute and she was so happy in the box, her alone space.

Madi Belle relaxing with her remote.

Next is was Elizabeths turn...Mom don't interrupt me.

This is the best we could get of me and the kiddos, doesn't happen too often.

Madison was cracking up sitting in Logans bumbo, the girls stopped using them a long time ago.

Hey sissy, let me bounce you!

I think Daddy rethought this afterwards, before I would help I thought perfect picture.

Mr Man working with his arms...
I got it Mama, now to get them to my mouth...sweet Logan
Elizabeth would not nap all day and she fell asleep like this before dinner time, we could not keep her awake for anything.

Not sure why the girls think the end table is a toy, maybe it is a fort Mommy...
Love to you all!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Designed For Babies...

Our great friend which you have heard us talk about a lot Casey Gerwer is launching her website today, check it out! Designed for Babies is a fabulous website that has something for everyone with a uniqueness in clothing for expecting parents, moms, dads, babies, toddlers, etc. Not only is there fabulous clothing they also offer toys, strollers, and anything you can think of whether you have one baby or quadruplets.

If you visit the website you may see some familiar is a preview of some shirts after we came home.

Have fun shopping, I know I will! Love to all.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We are very THANKFUL for our family, friends, blog family, and complete strangers that have been there for us the past year and throughout entire lives at that. Without all of you and all of your support there are so many things that would have seemed impossible. Every single one of you have been their for support no matter what the need, you are all amazing in our book.

Through this blog we have met many wonderful people, people that we hope will be in our lives for a very long time. And to us many of you are still complete strangers, however you support us and have prayed for us, we just cannot thank you enough.

Both of our Mothers came to stay with us/me last year, dropping everything and being here when we needed them. Thank you Mom and Dena. Thank you to my parents for being here for every holiday last year to make things a little easier. We love you all so very much!

All of our family and friends that have been here to help us with the kids, while I was in the hospital and just to support us and feed us once we were home. We love you all so much and are so lucky to have you in our lives...thank you, thank you, thank you.

Most of all we are thankful for our miracles. They have changed our life so much and we can not imagine one day without them. We are so glad they fought to survive and are happy and healthy today.

We wish all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. We have an abundance to be thankful for and are so excited to have this first Thanksgiving with our little miracles.

Love to you all!

Amy-Jo and Brandon

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Hero

1 year ago today we lost our hero Cody. His sacrifice will never be forgotten and he will be in our hearts forever. We miss you Cody.


Mom, Dad, Logan, Elizabeth, and Madison

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am very thankful for my caring, loving, smarty pants husband. He is such a fabulous husband and a wonderful father. He keeps me laughing every day no matter what and I need that. Brandon looks forward to the weekend so he can spend time with his children and loves every second of it.

Most importantly he lets me sleep in on the weekend until I feel like getting up. Brandon also makes sure there is always coffee for me as he knows what happens if I don't have something to get me going in the morning, not a pretty picture. He puts up with my quirks or has he would say my OCD every day and I think he doesn't mind it so much.

Brandon helps around the house when he can. He chose to stay in the hospital with me every single night last year, a long time, and helped me any way he could.

I could not ask for a better husband or father for our children. Love you Brandon and I am so thankful every day that you chose to spend your life with me. Daddy we love you so, Logan, Elizabeth, and Madison!!!!

Brandon no longer looks this happy when it comes to Michigan :(

Doing neck stretches with Logan, he is so good with him.

Always smiling, Miss Lizy LOVES her Daddy...

Brandon feeds the kids every chance he gets...he is so great!

All you need is a Daddy and a box...weeeeeeeee!!!!

With Madison after a bath, Daddy despises bath night.

Rattle dance time...YAY!!

The girls love to wrestle with Daddy and climb all over him.

Daddy napping with his Madi Belle and sweet.

The kiddos are always so tired for the last feed.

The boys

With two of his bumble bees, Logan and Madison

A night out at our Josh and Sheenas' wedding.

Love to all!


Friday, November 20, 2009

We are THANKFUL for...

Our beautiful 9 month old babies, as of this past Wednesday. Time sure is going by quickly lately. I tell people every single day and I tell our wonderful children every single day just how blessed we are to have them in our lives. Every morning I wake up and no matter how much sleep I had or how I feel I know everything is going to be wonderful because of our little miracles.

Of course we are behind on getting to their 9 month appointment and will have all their stats posted after that appointment. The girls are army crawling everywhere and are going fast and sitting up on their own. I turn around for a second and one of them will be in the kitchen sitting up, for that second my heart skips a beat as I am TERRIFIED of them falling backwards.

The girls are doing great with eating, we are still working with Logan but they all eat at the same time and approximately the same amount. There are times we have to stop Madison because she would eat until she got sick, trust me on this.

Here are some recent photos...I just LOVE them all so very much! Warning, this may be picture overload.

Madison trying to make a break for the hard floor (their new favorite game).

Lizy chasing Blue. Very determined.

"This is how the rattle dance is suppose to go daddy."

Madison needed some privacy for her reading.

The girls both love to come torture...ummm I mean play with their brother.

Bath time fun. Still Daddy's least favorite activity.

Mr. Happy Pants. He's come a long way since is Mr. Crank Pants days!

Love that grin, anytime the camera is on she is still such a ham.

Madi showing off her sitting skills.

Logan still working on his tummy time.

Umm ya that's the end table, and no they are not suppose to be there.

I swear we used to have some carpet in here, now its just a floor made of toys.

Jumper time!

The girls planning a jail break.

This moose is very tasty thanks for asking.

99% of the day the girls look like this, I wish I was kidding.

Ha! Madi you should see whats on your head you look funny!

A little back massage for Lizy.

Amy-Jo decided to clean out the washer and the case of the missing socks was solved! It was the washer in the study with the candle stick.

We are handsome I know..Brandon obviously wrote this :)

The girls on their way to visit sweet!