Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Craziness 2014

I thought it had been way too long since the last update, even if this is just for our family it is time to start posting again.  So much has changed since I have been in the blogging world.  We have moved, bought two new vehicles, the kids are 5 and in Kindergarten, and Logan has an electronic wheelchair.  Like I said it has been way too long and I am trying to focus on making a point of updating more often to keep this for the kids to have.

This past weekend we took the kids to a pumpkin patch which was overwhelming for both Brandon and I due to the amount of people. Still not sure how we survived without medicating ourselves or losing a child. 

You’d think I would have all the photo taking opportunities down like a science by now however I forgot to get a family photo and a photo of all three kids together. It was nice to be able to go with family and have other kids with the girls.


Lizy was not in the best mood in jail, go figure. Madi Belle on the other hand was having a blast.



Bouncing fun, the girls could live in these bouncy things.  I always have to close my eyes and pray they don’t get germs from them as this is still so BIG for me.


We had to have a photo with Harry Potter Winking smile


Family! Daylen and Darren were thankfully there and the girls were so happy to see them.  Thanks Brian and Danielle for meeting us there.


Through the hay maze girlies…





They survived yet our girls hair had a few issues with the hay and the humidity.



This was the attitude we had from Logan pretty much the entire time except…


Riding the train, the only happy time Logan had.  Look at that gorgeous face!


Poor Daylen got stuck with both girls in that thing, she sure is a trooper.




Annnddd they are done.


Logan guarding the largest pumpkins we could find.  Poor dude didn’t make it to T-ball he was so tired.



Hope y’all enjoyed the little update.  I am hoping to be back on very soon.  Happy Halloween.

Hugs and Love ~ Amy-Jo and family