Friday, April 24, 2009

First week(s) home

So I thought I would grab back control of the blog for a day and give everyone the real deal on the first week home. I will say we have been able to get some good pictures which obviously I will share.

First, let me just tell you three babies is NOT easy! I thought I was prepared for this but I think it is impossible to be prepared for this. All I can say is THANK GOD for Grandma. If she was not here helping we would have spiraled out of control days ago. It's crazy all day every day, there are no days only 4 hours from feed to feed. Day and Night run together. You can get one baby to sleep, sometimes even two, but never three. Well at least for longer then an hour at a time. Which at 3 AM is not so fun. We wind up very tired, which leads to a bit of silliness throughout the day. Because of this Logan has been given a very unfortunate nickname which we can't seem to stop using. Its started as "Low-gee" but quickly changed to "Lou-gee". Say it out load and you'll understand. Poor guy.

I have come up with a little plan to help teen pregnancy problem, I'm thinking of calling it Scared Abstinence. It will be the equivalent of "Scared Straight" for the inner city teens. Spend 48 hours with a set of triplets or above and I promise they will run so far from the opposite sex just for fear looking at them wrong could cause a pregnancy. Multiples are not for the weak at heart folks, only the strong survive.

Lougee, has been quite the handful. He is living up to his original nickname of CP (cranky pants). He is the hardest to calm down, feed, put to bed, etc. Basically he is just a fussy baby. Which the first couple days was a little difficult for dear old dad to understand, but its getting better. With understanding comes patience I suppose. Well that and trying every trick ever invented to soothe him. Sleeping on the floor, on his belly, wrapped up tight, unwrapped, in a swing, in a bouncer, taped to the ceiling....ummm forget that last one it never happened. Here are some good pics.

Logan sitting in the big boy chair, not happy about it.

Daddy pretending to enjoy feeding Logan during a fussy feed.

Daddy not pretending.

Logan sleeping, finally!

When Madison first came home she was dealing with some crankiness as well. We asked the doctor about putting her on Zantac with Logan and it has changed her world. I think she was really dealing with some reflux issues and the Zantac has really changed her demeanor. We tried letting all three sleep in one bed, but Madison was a little too wiggly for the rest of the gang and we had to move her. Below is an example.

This is how she was suppose to look when I went to pick her up.

This is how she actually looked. (And please don't worry about Lizy's face against the wedge, I moved it when I picked up Logan seconds before taking this picture, she didn't sleep like that.)

Elizabeth is quickly becoming our little chunky monkey. Boy can she eat, whew! We actually have to stop her half way just to slow her down or she will spit up for an hour. She is so calm almost all day, if she is crying you know something is wrong and can quickly fix her issue. Some pics of her playing with bro and sis.

Talking things over (Elizabeth R and Madi L).

This is a cute picture but it only tells half the story. Moments later Lizy would cover half of Madi's head and face with spit up, hitting her from about a foot away. Ah the joy of multiples. Lizy, Madi, and Logan

Here are a couple more good pics of mommy and her girls.

Mommy and Lizy

Lizy left, Madi right.

Nap time.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy 2 month Birthday and more...

Well today is our little monkeys 2 month birthday, I cannot believe it is already here and how well everyone is doing. They are so big, or to me at least as compared to February 18th.

This weekend is also special to us because tomorrow April 19th, 2009 was our 40 week due date. To see how far we have all come on this amazing journey is incredible. I could not love our family more, I wake up each morning (all night long as well) to the three most beautiful people in this world.

Logan is home with us as of this past Monday. I will post those photos plus a few more below. He is doing great at home with his sisters and I think they love being near each other again. The first night he was home Elizabeth starred at him all night. I think Blue, our dog, is wondering how many more little thing that make noises and smell will be coming to our house.

Everyone had their two month appointment yesterday which as most of you know include shots galore. They each had three vaccines and were not happy all day, their feeds were almost non-existent and their tummy's were all upset. They are doing much better today and slept a lot last night!! We have our little Madison that is nocturnal and keeps everyone up with her screaming until last night. Logan isn't too far behind usually and little Miss Elizabeth just wants her food and to sleep at night. The weights are are as follows:

Logan - 6lbs 7oz

Elizabeth - 6lbs 11oz

Madison - 6lbs 5oz

First Picture of all three at home.

All three with their hairy brother protecting them.
(Madison, Elizabeth, Logan)

Elizabeth watching over Logan his first night home.

The babies showing off Grandpa's handy work with the new fire place tile.
(Logan, Madison, Elizabeth)

Our little fighter Logan has also been holding his head up a lot lately, when he was in the NICU he would turn his head from side to side as he is determined to do what he wants and when he wants to do it.

Pictures from the first week:




And then today at just two months:

From left to right - Madison, Logan, Elizabeth




Love to you all!


Brandon here now. I wanted to include a couple pictures as well. These are of our new baby sitter, it is so hard to find good help these days!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Madi Home......ummm, a few days ago

So it turns out having two babies home is a little tiny bit harder then having one baby home. As such, sleep has come before blogging much of the week. Seeing how it's the weekend and Lizy won't sleep anyway I thought it high time to update everyone on the latest and greatest.

As I mentioned Madison is home! She broke out last Monday and has been doing great. It does seem we gave the nick name Cranky Pants to the wrong baby. Wow this child has some good lungs on her. Seems there is a three hour span each night she would rather keep us up than sleep, so up we stay. Despite her night crankiness we love having her home with us and she is so much fun. She loves her swing and especially loves the TV, so far baseball is her favorite, golf seems too boring. She is almost six pounds, 5 lbs 14 oz Wednesday at the Pedi's appointment. *editors note, the babies gain about 1 oz per day so as of this writing Madi is most likely over 6lbs. Below are some pics of the trip home.

Mommy needs the pic of the last temperature taking.

Elizabeth is still doing awesome. It is now confirmed she really is our calmest baby, despite the yelling I am hearing over the monitor right this second. Its really more of whimper compared to the sounds we are sure to hear later from her little sis. And man can this girl eat! She will eat whatever you give her and look up as if to say whats next. She is our biggest, weighing 6 lbs 2 oz on Wednesday. She sleeps a lot but has her moments where she is active. Okay funny thing just happened. I always make fun of Amy-Jo when she lays in bed before me because she will lay diagonal across the bed leaving no room for me, I call her a diagonaler. Well it turns out Lizy is a diagonaler too. I just went in to check on them and she was laying diagonal across the bed kicking Madi as she moved, too funny.

Finally our Logan. He has had a tough time learning to eat from a bottle. I went to visit him on Tuesday (with only 2 hours of sleep after Madi's first night home) and boy did we have a battle. I wrestled him for 45 minutes to finish and boy was I ready for a nap. I called Amy-Jo pretty upset as it seemed like it could be awhile before Logan would make it home, and even when he did were we in for a treat. The docs were thinking it was reflux, and as the feed went on it would hurt more and more causing him to kick and scream. I went back on Wednesday and tried it again, with similar results. But about half way through the feed I noticed after he burped he did pretty good for a few minutes but would soon revert back to kicking and screaming. The nurse on duty that day suggested that instead of being reflux maybe he was getting a lot of air and caused him to be very gasy during the feed. She and the Occupational Therapist talked and decided to start him on Dr. Browns bottle system which helps reduce air intake. I bought them Wednesday and took it to him on Thursday, and WOW what a difference. He finished in 10 minutes, with no crying. He finished every bottle they gave him that day, and the next and the next. He is now on 8 bottles a day and is scheduled to come home Monday or Tuesday. Unbelievable what a difference a bottle can make. He actually may be our easiest baby to feed now. We are so excited at the idea of having all 3 babies home with us. We can always sleep when we're old anyway.

Big week coming up. I am off work starting Wednesday and AJ's mom is coming back to stay with us for a month. Could not be more excited. I know crazy my mother in-law is coming to stay for a month and I am excited. I actually really like my mother in-law so even if we weren't desperate for help this wouldn't be a bad thing. After which my mother is planning on staying for several weeks which would put us through May with someone here to help.

Sisters Reunited

First Doctor Visit

Easter Morning with their gifts from the Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Pics

Elizabeth's hospital photos, lets just say she was not happy about them and did not want to open her eyes.

Logan, Elizabeth, and Madison reunited

So Mr. CP is a ham in front of the camera, Madison was not very happy which I do not blame her as it was her feed time.

Mommy, Logan, Elizabeth, and Madison

Elizabeth, Logan, and Madison (L to R)

Our first family photo after a long day.

Lizy on the left and Madi on the right

Just the boys

Okay, so I am a little sentimental. This is the last time Elizabeth was going to have her temperature taken at the hospital. For me it was hard, they are already growing up so quickly!

Let's Rock n' Roll...

Elizabeth napping with Mommy

Elizabeth is doing great at home and has her own protector, that's right we had nothing to worry about with Blue. For those of you that don't know Blue is our dog or our hairy little child. Whenever she makes a noise he runs in, seriously runs fast, to check it all out. The first night Elizabeth was home Blue got less sleep than Mommy and Daddy did, he stared at her all night and you could tell just by looking at him in the morning. It is safe to say our children will be very protected as he has always protected Mommy.

Madison is scheduled to come home tomorrow afternoon, we cannot wait. I walked in today to see her gavage tube was out...YEAH! Now we just have Mr Logan to go. Logan is back on partial breast milk and is doing better. They also started him on Zantac a couple days ago and that has helped him tremendously.

Love - Amy-Jo

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