Saturday, April 11, 2009

Madi Home......ummm, a few days ago

So it turns out having two babies home is a little tiny bit harder then having one baby home. As such, sleep has come before blogging much of the week. Seeing how it's the weekend and Lizy won't sleep anyway I thought it high time to update everyone on the latest and greatest.

As I mentioned Madison is home! She broke out last Monday and has been doing great. It does seem we gave the nick name Cranky Pants to the wrong baby. Wow this child has some good lungs on her. Seems there is a three hour span each night she would rather keep us up than sleep, so up we stay. Despite her night crankiness we love having her home with us and she is so much fun. She loves her swing and especially loves the TV, so far baseball is her favorite, golf seems too boring. She is almost six pounds, 5 lbs 14 oz Wednesday at the Pedi's appointment. *editors note, the babies gain about 1 oz per day so as of this writing Madi is most likely over 6lbs. Below are some pics of the trip home.

Mommy needs the pic of the last temperature taking.

Elizabeth is still doing awesome. It is now confirmed she really is our calmest baby, despite the yelling I am hearing over the monitor right this second. Its really more of whimper compared to the sounds we are sure to hear later from her little sis. And man can this girl eat! She will eat whatever you give her and look up as if to say whats next. She is our biggest, weighing 6 lbs 2 oz on Wednesday. She sleeps a lot but has her moments where she is active. Okay funny thing just happened. I always make fun of Amy-Jo when she lays in bed before me because she will lay diagonal across the bed leaving no room for me, I call her a diagonaler. Well it turns out Lizy is a diagonaler too. I just went in to check on them and she was laying diagonal across the bed kicking Madi as she moved, too funny.

Finally our Logan. He has had a tough time learning to eat from a bottle. I went to visit him on Tuesday (with only 2 hours of sleep after Madi's first night home) and boy did we have a battle. I wrestled him for 45 minutes to finish and boy was I ready for a nap. I called Amy-Jo pretty upset as it seemed like it could be awhile before Logan would make it home, and even when he did were we in for a treat. The docs were thinking it was reflux, and as the feed went on it would hurt more and more causing him to kick and scream. I went back on Wednesday and tried it again, with similar results. But about half way through the feed I noticed after he burped he did pretty good for a few minutes but would soon revert back to kicking and screaming. The nurse on duty that day suggested that instead of being reflux maybe he was getting a lot of air and caused him to be very gasy during the feed. She and the Occupational Therapist talked and decided to start him on Dr. Browns bottle system which helps reduce air intake. I bought them Wednesday and took it to him on Thursday, and WOW what a difference. He finished in 10 minutes, with no crying. He finished every bottle they gave him that day, and the next and the next. He is now on 8 bottles a day and is scheduled to come home Monday or Tuesday. Unbelievable what a difference a bottle can make. He actually may be our easiest baby to feed now. We are so excited at the idea of having all 3 babies home with us. We can always sleep when we're old anyway.

Big week coming up. I am off work starting Wednesday and AJ's mom is coming back to stay with us for a month. Could not be more excited. I know crazy my mother in-law is coming to stay for a month and I am excited. I actually really like my mother in-law so even if we weren't desperate for help this wouldn't be a bad thing. After which my mother is planning on staying for several weeks which would put us through May with someone here to help.

Sisters Reunited

First Doctor Visit

Easter Morning with their gifts from the Easter Bunny


Mountain Girl said...

What cute babies! And your posts are always so comical! I'm glad little Logan has his feeding issues under control. Happy Easter!

Stephanie said...

Oh how precious! Glad they had a good easter!! :)
SO glad you found out Logans feeding issues! Its so hard not to know what to try next!! yeah for Dr Browns! (except the cleaning part! lol)
Love the pics of the sisters!!

Joanne said...

Happy Easter sweet babies (and Amy & Brandon). Thanks for a great update on everything. It is funny how a bottle can make a difference-but what a huge difference for Logan. You are all still in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Cochran Quads said...

They are so stinkin sweet!!! Can't wait until you are all together!! Dr. Brown's Bottles are AMAZING!! They made such a difference in my now 4 year old, I decided that's what I HAD to use with these babies! It's 5 parts to wash, put together, etc., but if you have a Hard To Eat Baby, SOOOOO Worth it!!! Good Luck Guys, it only gets better!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Fab Five,
Love the pictures and the blog. I am so glad you have Logan eating and no gas. It will be so nice for all of you to be together and not have the long drive to the hospital. Blue will be working over time when Logan is home, it is so sweet that he protects the babies. Give him an extra treat!! Know we love you all, hugs---Nana & Papa

kimybeee said...

How cute they are!!!

Good luck on getting Mr. CP home soon.


Erinn Merritt said...

Thanks for sharing your struggles with Logan eating. We also have two at home and a fussy eater still in the NICU (our triplets-BBB, were born two days before yours). Our little one still at the hospital just started Zantac yesterday, but I also want to bring up trying the Dr. Brown bottles to see if it's gas issues.

Faye said...


Cousin Heidi said...

I agree with Madi, Golf is boring to watch!!!! I am so EXCITED to hear that they are doing so well and they are so cute, I am glad Logan is doing good too wait till he gets home !!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost all there! Finally out of that hospital :) So proud of Logan, AND THE GIRLS AND YOU GUYS!!! Love you, thinking of you and am here if you need us for anything :)

Erinn Merritt said...

After reading your blog we went ahead and switched from Platex Dropins to the Dr. Browns for Cooper, who finally came home on Wed. It turns out our little Noah also does better with these bottles. Thanks again. Our feedings are becoming much easier.