Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The race home

Okay so we are getting really behind on our updates. I am planning on doing my best to update the last couple weeks, and then promise to start posting smaller updates more often. It may only be one or two lines but at least we will keep current. And we will try to keep the pics coming as well. Their current weights are Madison 5lb 7.9oz, Elizabeth 5lb 8.9oz, and Logan 5lb 7.2oz. See the last post for the most recent photos and we promise to get more on here after this weekend.

Lots to discuss and I will go baby by baby, reverse birth order style.

Madison -
Madison was the first to take a bottle with any kind of regularity. We thought for sure she would be the first one home, (she won't, more on that later) but she kind of leveled off on us. She quickly went to taking 2 - 3 bottles per day but kind of stopped there for awhile. She LOVES to sleep. You have to wake her up for like 5 minutes before she finally accepts the fact you are not going to leave her alone. She is a lot like me in that way, to this day I hate morning (so does AJ but she would never admit it). Once she is awake she takes the bottle great, but they are not pushing her to take more...yet. She is up to 5 bottles per day so we are slowly gaining. For the most part she is very mild mannered, does not cry to often and when she does its not for very long. Our goal is to have her home in about a week.

Elizabeth -
Elizabeth is our big eater. Her and Logan were a week or so behind getting started with feedings but she has taken off! She will eat what ever you put in front of her and when its gone ask for more. She quickly went from 1 bottle to now 8 bottles! Yep that's right 8 bottles a day and for those in the know, that means she is getting closer to coming home. We think she will come home as early as Friday, maybe Saturday, but very soon. She is alert for almost every meal, she wakes up about 30 minutes before and just kind of looks at you with her big eyes asking for her bottle. She will start to fuss a little if you wait too long, and if you try to give her the paci she spits it out immediately and looks at you as if you are crazy for even trying to fool her. She wants nothing to do with it unless it has FOOD! Which obviously is great because this means she gets to come home. Of the three she is easy the calmest baby. You rarely see her cry or fuss, she is happy just sleeping and eating.

Logan -
Logan, what to say about our little man Logan. He has had a rough start with the feeding. He had some minor internal issues (minor in the fact they are not fatal, just very painful) that has really held him back. He was doing okay with the feeds, only okay because we have quickly learned that Logan is a little, umm, lets go with moody here. He likes to do things his way, when he wants, so the feedings were a bit of an adventure. The internal issues caused some pretty severe pain when having BM and he was quick to let us all know about it. He earned the nickname CP for Cranky Pants. We feel a little bad about it now since he was actually in some pain, but some of it is just Logan being Logan. We love him so much though, he is our fighter and we are lucky to have him here at all. So even if he cries for 3 days straight we still wouldn't trade him for the world (side note Logan this is not a challenge to see if you can cry for 3 days). Through all this they also took him off of breast milk, which has not been good. The special formula they have him on is pretty bad and he wants nothing to do with it. The faces he makes would make you die laughing, imagine making a 5 year old eat broccoli wrapped in green beans and multiply it by 10, that is how much he hates this formula. So he is eating exactly zero bottles per day, not good. The good news is they should be putting him back on breast milk tomorrow and hopefully he will start picking it up again. He has the will and the ability to do it we just need to feed him steak and not veggies and he will do great. Hopefully another one to two weeks for CP.

As for us we are hanging in there, busy is an understatement. We love our kids and wouldn't trade it for anything though. We are so happy they are doing great and look forward to having them all at home with us. And saying good bye to the hospital we have been to everyday since November, cannot wait for that day.


Jon said...

WOOOT! :) Debie and I can't wait to get down and see them and you two!

Cochran Quads said...

Great post!! So glad for the updates! The broccoli thing had me cracking up!!! Let the fun begin Sathers.... you know I say that everytime someone has their babies starting to come home, but I swear the traveling back and forth to the NICU and the heartache of leaving your babies at night in the hospital is worse than the first few weeks home with all of them!! Okay, maybe not worse, but close!! Praying and can't wait to see more pics!!

Cousin Heidi said...

Well I love the weights and I Love the the detailed explaining you do so very well Brandon, if I could I would send you another case of Bud light for the good work!!!!! I have never heard of Breast milk being described as steak and formula as veggies that is a very good anology and I just may use that when I am doing my patient education during my OB and Peds clinicals!!! Of course it could kick me in the butt what if the parents are vegans!!!!
Keep up the good work both of you .
Love Cousin Heidi

Misty said...

YEah for the update!!!! I'm so excited! Watch out, they sent 3 home at the same time with us! Be ready is all I can say.
I am soooo happy for ya'll

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they are getting big, I can't wait to meet them. Please let them know that they need to eat, eat, eat, because we are coming to TX at that end of the month & we would like to come up to the Sather home and meet the little angels.

Love you & miss you guys,
Christine & Patrick

Kelly said...

They're getting so big! You are an inspiring family to watch. I pray for you often that all goes well and they stay healthy! The broccoli and green beans were a funny choice since my 5 year does routinely ask for those 2 and would love to eat it at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Nice update Brandon, I know how busy both of you are, but fun also. They are just beautiful and I just know that you will have a way to have them eat their veggies when it is time. Know we love you all and hope to see you all soon.
hugs---Nana & Papa