Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally another update...

So yes I know it has been a while, but here we go with lots of info and if technology cooperates lots of pictures. Everyone is doing great. It is so amazing how our monkeys are changing everyday. I love love love being their Mommy and I am so blessed to have these miracles. Everyone is in size 1 diapers now, they only fit Elizabeth, however we have moved all of them up. Madison could probably stay in Newborn diapers for months, she is so tiny. They are in mostly newborn size clothes still with some exceptions of certain brands that run small. We have what we thought were way too many burp cloths, but somehow there are never enough. In one feed we will use between 6 to 12 and we are washing them every day and a half to keep up.

A big Thank You to my Mom, Dad, and Mother in law for all the help. Also, thank you to our wonderful neighbors for the delicious food. Our neighbors are wonderful and are there if we ever need them. So here is an update on all the kids:

Logan: Well, what can I say but Logan is a Mamma's boy. He has had some booty issues as well as tummy issues. He is now on Reglan and Prevacid, as well as a thickener which is working wonders for his reflux. He loves to eat now which is great to see, I hate seeing him in pain especially while he is eating. He has some lungs on him...WOW! One of his cries when he is mad turns his face dark red and he starts to hold his breath...making Mommy freak out. I have one rule in our house and that is no blue or purple lips, he likes to push it really close at times. He loves to be held a lot and doesn't understand that he has two sisters.

Elizabeth: Sweet, sweet Lizy. She is such a happy baby, but is starting to find her voice. I think she realizes when Logan cries he gets attention and now her cry is starting to get a little louder, but it is so cute at the same time. She does have a pout lip though and she knows how to use it. She had some problems with the food not emptying out of her esophagus so she is also on Reglan as well as Zantac for reflux. She does not like spitting up and gets so mad when she does. I think this is why she tries so hard to hold her burps in.

Madison: Our itty bitty girl. She is also very happy, but at the same time has a lot of Logans characteristics. She has a voice on her and the saddest little face when she cries. She is on Zantac for reflux, but of course. She does have eczema and we are hoping to get it under control here soon. She is our sleeper lately, no matter how much she has previously slept she can fall asleep after every feed. Trying to keep her up is a job in itself.

Here are some lots of pictures:

My Mom holding Logan with Elizabeth behind her

My Mom with all three

My Dad with all three

Brandon's Mom with Madison and Elizabeth

Gym time left to right Elizabeth, Madison, Logan
Mr Logan

Thank you Auntie Aaron and Uncle Corey for our onesies!

I love the booty shots...

Madi with her ducky...ohh the love

Brandon with his boy....

Elizabeth absolutely loves the swing, she loves to talk to the lights and stars. It is so cute to watch her carrying on a conversation, she would do this for hours if we let her.

Hopefully we will be able to keep up on the posts more often or at least post pictures on a more frequent basis. Have to get back to loving on my babies!!!

Love to you all! Amy-Jo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long time no blog

So after making a big deal about having more updates I finally make a return to the blog for a little update. Mostly its just pictures, which face it that is really all you want from me anyway. You just read the words so you don't feel bad.

First this was taken today when I was left solo for a few minutes. This was a rare moment as all three babies are 1. Awake, 2. Not crying, 3. Not spitting up. Shortly after this was taken a Leprechaun with monkey's flying out of his butt was spotted on a flying pig, weird day I guess.

Madison, Logan, and Elizabeth (L to R)

This was a funny pic AJ took while I was at work. Apparently Blue thinks the boppies are his own personal butt pillow.

So last we spoke, okay I spoke you read, Mr. Logan (thankfully we were able to stop using Loogie) was being well a little fussy. I can say he is getting better, still fussy, but much happier. I have actually seen him awake and not crying on numerous occasions which did not happen the first couple weeks. And strong, man is this kid strong. Look at this picture below he sat like this for a couple minutes. Crazy at this age, but I guess all that crying is paying off.

Mighty handsome when not crying. Some even say he looks just like his daddy.

And this week we had a little "incident" with the nail trimmers. Somehow dear old dad made a small cutting mistake and clipped the tip of the finger. And man can this bleed. It took two band-aids plus this gauze's contraption I nervously threw together before it would stop. I felt pretty bad, and yes he cried, a lot. I'm a little gun shy so if in future pictures the kids have nail scratches all over you will know why.

The girls are really starting to take some good pictures. They smile a lot so its easy to catch them in the act (Logan does too but you have to be VERY fast with the camera, its like capturing Big Foot on film). Elizabeth had some minor digestion issues that had her throwing up after EVERY feed. On more then one occasion I wound up wearing about an ounce of partially digested formula, yummy. Turns out the last bit of her meal was staying in the esophagus and not digesting so as soon as you put her flat (even a couple hours later) bam! We have her on the right meds and has brought back the old Lizy. Here are some pics of her.

This is a pic of Lizy laying on Blue. You have no idea how hard this was to take. Blue doesn't mind going up to the babies and licking them, but bring a baby at him and he runs and hides.

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Madison has started to get a little more "vocal" but really we can't complain. She was so good the first couple weeks we knew it couldn't last. She is still a really good baby and probably has the best facial expressions of the three. You know exactly what is on her mind, good or bad.

No more pictures mommy!

Blue what are you doing?!? Don't you remember putting your butt there!

I remember now why we don't post as much as we used to. I did this entire post with a baby on my lap, sometimes sleeping, sometimes crying. And in doing so I forgot to go to the store so now we have to change dinner plans. So it may be a few weeks before I am brave enough to try this again!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ground Zero

So I have been meaning to post some pics of what our house has become since the babies came home. I used to joke while we were in the hospital, if you came to our house you would not know we were having a baby, better yet three. Well that is not the case any longer. Below, our dining room has become our nursery/changing area. This is to save us walking up and down from the nursery a 1000 times a day. Then the kitchen, this is our bottle staging/drying area. To transform both of these areas took some convincing, I had to use a phrase which has become very common "The world is not made for triplets" to get AJ to make the necessary adjustments. The last picture is our family room which on most days you are lucky to find a path through. Swings, bouncers, bobbies, activity gyms, babies (because they prefer the floor to any of the above mentioned). Which leads me to a rant, man these companies are making a killing with their baby items. Honestly the only way my kids enjoy the swing is if we lay them on the ground, turn the swing on and face them towards it so they can simply watch it move. Put them actually in the swing and melt down time. Bouncers are a little more useful but, like most things meant to occupy his time, Logan hates his, and he has the Cadillac of bouncers! And the girls both only play one song, its the same on each, and will get stuck in your head. Within two days AJ's mom was already humming it. Overall I found kids are a lot like cats, give them a $2 laser pointer and they would likely watch you run that thing all over the wall for hours. Stupid Fisher Price.

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Tuesday we decided it would be wise to get some professional photos taken while the babies are still small and cute. You know, before they turn into house destroying toddlers. Wow this was a mistake, big mistake. First, we decided in the interest of trying to get it done sooner we would use one of these in the mall photo places. They could get us in quick and they seemed to excel in the more "artsy" photos we were hoping for, not the plain school photos. And they did a great job with the photos I will post a link later so you can check them out. The big issue was the length of time it took, 4.5 hours. Yes 4.5 hours, with triplets, in the mall, by ourselves. Dumb. Just dumb. We had good intentions, get there early (9AM) before the mall opens to stay away from crowds. The shoot took 2 hours (there is THREE of them after all). And this particular place wants you to stay after to select you photos and packages. I thought this could be done in 30 min or so, otherwise I would have just ran the kids home. Instead we all stayed and it took over 30 minutes just to upload the pics from the camera. Another 2 editing, selecting and paying. All while we tried to feed three hungry babies, during which there was crying lots and lots of crying, but once AJ smacked me around a bit I stopped. But then the kids started crying and that made it harder.

Probably the funniest part of the day was the 5 minutes we spent trying to get the family pictures. Let me just set the stage a bit. We took mostly naked baby pics, so we had the diapers off for about 1:45 min while they did the individual and all three together shots. All this time no accidents. Then the photographer has this great idea for a family shot, and its the one you will see in the link. All three babies sitting on our lap, without diapers, oh did I mention 1:45 without an accident, what could go wrong? Ya what, first Lizy started in with a little tinkle that hit both AJ and myself. Really not to bad, but only seconds later Madi hits me and she had a full bladder, really full. I walked around the mall with a 9 inch wet spot for the next 45 minutes, fun stuff. The only silver lining is Logan used this time to relieve himself as well, but hes a boy and he can hit things standing 3 feet away. So take that Mrs. Photographer Lady, payback is a.....

Anyway, here is the link to check out the shots. They really did a great job.