Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally another update...

So yes I know it has been a while, but here we go with lots of info and if technology cooperates lots of pictures. Everyone is doing great. It is so amazing how our monkeys are changing everyday. I love love love being their Mommy and I am so blessed to have these miracles. Everyone is in size 1 diapers now, they only fit Elizabeth, however we have moved all of them up. Madison could probably stay in Newborn diapers for months, she is so tiny. They are in mostly newborn size clothes still with some exceptions of certain brands that run small. We have what we thought were way too many burp cloths, but somehow there are never enough. In one feed we will use between 6 to 12 and we are washing them every day and a half to keep up.

A big Thank You to my Mom, Dad, and Mother in law for all the help. Also, thank you to our wonderful neighbors for the delicious food. Our neighbors are wonderful and are there if we ever need them. So here is an update on all the kids:

Logan: Well, what can I say but Logan is a Mamma's boy. He has had some booty issues as well as tummy issues. He is now on Reglan and Prevacid, as well as a thickener which is working wonders for his reflux. He loves to eat now which is great to see, I hate seeing him in pain especially while he is eating. He has some lungs on him...WOW! One of his cries when he is mad turns his face dark red and he starts to hold his breath...making Mommy freak out. I have one rule in our house and that is no blue or purple lips, he likes to push it really close at times. He loves to be held a lot and doesn't understand that he has two sisters.

Elizabeth: Sweet, sweet Lizy. She is such a happy baby, but is starting to find her voice. I think she realizes when Logan cries he gets attention and now her cry is starting to get a little louder, but it is so cute at the same time. She does have a pout lip though and she knows how to use it. She had some problems with the food not emptying out of her esophagus so she is also on Reglan as well as Zantac for reflux. She does not like spitting up and gets so mad when she does. I think this is why she tries so hard to hold her burps in.

Madison: Our itty bitty girl. She is also very happy, but at the same time has a lot of Logans characteristics. She has a voice on her and the saddest little face when she cries. She is on Zantac for reflux, but of course. She does have eczema and we are hoping to get it under control here soon. She is our sleeper lately, no matter how much she has previously slept she can fall asleep after every feed. Trying to keep her up is a job in itself.

Here are some lots of pictures:

My Mom holding Logan with Elizabeth behind her

My Mom with all three

My Dad with all three

Brandon's Mom with Madison and Elizabeth

Gym time left to right Elizabeth, Madison, Logan
Mr Logan

Thank you Auntie Aaron and Uncle Corey for our onesies!

I love the booty shots...

Madi with her ducky...ohh the love

Brandon with his boy....

Elizabeth absolutely loves the swing, she loves to talk to the lights and stars. It is so cute to watch her carrying on a conversation, she would do this for hours if we let her.

Hopefully we will be able to keep up on the posts more often or at least post pictures on a more frequent basis. Have to get back to loving on my babies!!!

Love to you all! Amy-Jo


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness...they are just adorable!!!
What a great update!
Its good to see all their faces again...its been a while!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I love the onsies! They are so cute!
Glad to hear things are going well! They are all adorable! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures, love them now to try and get them to snapfish so I can order them. I am so glad Logan is doing better, it is fine just to hold him and spoil all of them, they grow so fast, so enjoy them and hold and rock and kiss them. Love the picture of Brandon with Blue!
hugs and lots of love to all of you,
Nana & Papa

Joanne said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you are all doing pretty well! Loving those babies is now your job for the rest of their lives! What a great job to be a parent! God bless you all. Love and prayers, Joanne
Our bible study group in Yorba Linda, CA continues to pray for the Texas Triplets!!

Misty said...

OMG they look so beautiful! Love the onsies!


Cochran Quads said...

Precious precious babies!!! Thanks so much for the update and the pics!!!

Moni Graf said...

Lookin' good, Sathers! ONE of these days, things will slow down and you'll be able to catch your breath again!


Cousin Heidi said...

Wow!!! What alot of GREAT information , By are those babies ever cute !!!!!! I love the pictures of your mom and Dad with the babies AmyJo they turned out nice.......Hang in there things look like they are getting better for you guys...Love you Cousin Heidi