Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long time no blog

So after making a big deal about having more updates I finally make a return to the blog for a little update. Mostly its just pictures, which face it that is really all you want from me anyway. You just read the words so you don't feel bad.

First this was taken today when I was left solo for a few minutes. This was a rare moment as all three babies are 1. Awake, 2. Not crying, 3. Not spitting up. Shortly after this was taken a Leprechaun with monkey's flying out of his butt was spotted on a flying pig, weird day I guess.

Madison, Logan, and Elizabeth (L to R)

This was a funny pic AJ took while I was at work. Apparently Blue thinks the boppies are his own personal butt pillow.

So last we spoke, okay I spoke you read, Mr. Logan (thankfully we were able to stop using Loogie) was being well a little fussy. I can say he is getting better, still fussy, but much happier. I have actually seen him awake and not crying on numerous occasions which did not happen the first couple weeks. And strong, man is this kid strong. Look at this picture below he sat like this for a couple minutes. Crazy at this age, but I guess all that crying is paying off.

Mighty handsome when not crying. Some even say he looks just like his daddy.

And this week we had a little "incident" with the nail trimmers. Somehow dear old dad made a small cutting mistake and clipped the tip of the finger. And man can this bleed. It took two band-aids plus this gauze's contraption I nervously threw together before it would stop. I felt pretty bad, and yes he cried, a lot. I'm a little gun shy so if in future pictures the kids have nail scratches all over you will know why.

The girls are really starting to take some good pictures. They smile a lot so its easy to catch them in the act (Logan does too but you have to be VERY fast with the camera, its like capturing Big Foot on film). Elizabeth had some minor digestion issues that had her throwing up after EVERY feed. On more then one occasion I wound up wearing about an ounce of partially digested formula, yummy. Turns out the last bit of her meal was staying in the esophagus and not digesting so as soon as you put her flat (even a couple hours later) bam! We have her on the right meds and has brought back the old Lizy. Here are some pics of her.

This is a pic of Lizy laying on Blue. You have no idea how hard this was to take. Blue doesn't mind going up to the babies and licking them, but bring a baby at him and he runs and hides.

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Madison has started to get a little more "vocal" but really we can't complain. She was so good the first couple weeks we knew it couldn't last. She is still a really good baby and probably has the best facial expressions of the three. You know exactly what is on her mind, good or bad.

No more pictures mommy!

Blue what are you doing?!? Don't you remember putting your butt there!

I remember now why we don't post as much as we used to. I did this entire post with a baby on my lap, sometimes sleeping, sometimes crying. And in doing so I forgot to go to the store so now we have to change dinner plans. So it may be a few weeks before I am brave enough to try this again!


Anonymous said...

Brandon, another great post, but what else did I expect. They are all so beautiful can't wait for June 21 and I get to see them, hold them and give kisses. Until then you , A.J. and Blue will have to do it for me.Only 35 days, but who is counting? Know we love all of you.

TwinsanityMom said...

They are getting big so fast! Before you know it you will be, dare I say it, CHILDPROOFING!! I love all their expressions. :) You definitely have 3 little blessings that are just perfect in every way.

Stephanie said...

Goodness..they are getting so big!!!
Great pics..I know you are super busy, but we enjoy when you get the time to update us! They are just adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, it looks & sounds like all is going well. Keep keeping us posted.

Love you all,


Becky Vigus said...

They are beautiful (and handsome). Love your posts. Look forward to them so I can see the babies grow up. Yes, Logan is a Sather. He has that family look.
Love you all.
Becky Vigus

Lindsay from MI said...

Oh my gosh! Look at all of them! So precious...
And I love the pics of Blue, poor little guy, life has forever changed for that dog. I bet he naps better with all the activity in the house now. If only the babies would do the same, hehe. Love the posts and I totally understand if it takes awhile to get pics up. I am amazed you all do what you do already! Thanks so much, I needed to see pics of cute healthy babies! You are so very blessed! Enjoy them!
Lindsay F.

Heidi said...

Well it is good to hear the babies are doing so good......and it is nice to see them smiling, Logan is so cute holding himself up and yes strong!!!!! Hope all is well with you two having one bay is hard enough but to have 3 holy cow!!! I having been a braging about you guys to my friends at school they too give you many many kudos!!!
Love Cousin Heidi

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how big they are getting!!! Weird we live right across the street but havent seen them in so long!!! They are so beautiful!!! We are all finally getting over being sick so we will have to come see you guys in the near future!!!

Anonymous said...

I always used a nail block and filed my babies nails. I was always afraid that I would nick them. It works!

Anonymous said...

Damn right its a long time no blog, what are you lazy or something, dont let it happen again :)
JUST KIDDING!! Been there, promise, somedays i didnt even brush my teeth! :)
Logan is a carbon copy of Brandon! We miss you guys and cant wait to get together and i cant wait to meet the babies!!!

Anonymous said...

Can we start getting a weekly blog?? Thanks! I miss them! Jenn