Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Six months already!

I cannot believe it was six months ago today that our precious babies were brought into this world. It seems like yesterday I was laying in the hospital bed watching TV with my Mom. We tried to have some photos taken yesterday and it did not go so well. For now here is a video of some of them, we will try to update again soon. When you get to the video portion with Logan and myself I am trying to get him to say "ohh", he says it all the time and it makes him happy.

Happy SIX month Birthday my sweet precious babies!

Love you all!

Click on the link to view the video.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sisters, Sisters...

I know what you are thinking, TWO blog posts in one week, what is wrong? Nothing just lots to say.

The babies are all really noticing each other so much more lately. The girls have always noticed Logan and his cry or scream and now they are starting to roll their eyes. Okay, so maybe not really roll their eyes but that is what I see. It is so cute to watch their conversations! Here is a video from today, Elizabeth had to let it off her chest.

Little Miss Madison telling Mommy a story. You can hear Logan start in the background trying to defend himself. As soon as I stopped recording she really had something to say.

Both girls are rolling over from their back to their tummies, Logan has decided to do things on his own time. They are such big kiddos, I cannot believe they are going to be 6 months old on Tuesday! Their six month appointment is going to be a little late due to us switching Pedis so their official updates are not going to be for a couple weeks. Another wonderful happening in our house is Madison is trying to hold her bottle! Elizabeth is starting to try, but tends to take it out of her mouth. We are still using the bottle props to make sure they are eating and trying to "help" them hold their bottles more during the day. Things are starting to get a little harder as when I am changing one baby during the feeds I come back to at least one upside down on their boppy. All of them have started trying to to head stands when they are angry during feeds...this gets Momma terrified their necks are going to snap.

This is what Logan looks like when he won't nap. Poor thing was so exhausted.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes...

Go Madi, making your Momma proud!

Yes she can breathe and no I don't leave her there like this.

There is a happy boy!

I was able to get together this past weekend with some of my Quad Momma sisters, I have no idea what I would do without these ladies, love them and the ones I have yet to meet! We went to see CAVO at Crue Fest, you must buy their CD that was released yesterday, Bright Nights Dark Days. They are great guys and one of them is married to Beth Walker a Quad Mom. We had a blast with some great friends and it was a night out both Brandon and I were able to enjoy.

Misty and me

Me, Casey, Beth, Misty

Align Center
Brandon and me

Misty and I with CAVO

Me with the band

Love to you all!


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Four months ago if you told me I would have a post all about sleep I would have called you crazy. At that point we were getting about 3-5 hours of sleep a day, so the idea of writing a blog about it would have made me laugh. But here we are 4 months later and we have made huge progress in the sleep routine. After months of not napping or sleeping I finally started researching sleep training and ran across Dr. Ferber's book. Its probably not for every parent but it worked wonders for us. Within a few days we had the kids taking naps when WE wanted them to, sleeping through the night (we still keep the 11pm feed so we have to wake them up) and going to bed in their crib, NOT their swings. So naturally we have been able to sleep a little more as well. We still wake up to a crying baby now and then but its usually a change of a diaper and a pat on the bottom away from getting back to sleep.

Of course the weekend after they started sleeping they all got sick. This threw our sleep schedule out of whack but once everyone was feeling better it was pretty simple to get them back on schedule. Lizy had the worst of it, which is lucky for us because even sick she is a very good baby. Her voice got really hoarse and she had this pathetic little cry that made you come running anytime she started to make a noise. As a result she was held A LOT for several days, something I think everyone enjoyed. We really don't get to hold them all that often so its nice to get an opportunity.

We even started getting out a little the past couple weeks, and by we I mean Amy-Jo and myself. I am still too big of chicken to take them out anywhere, but AJ is breaking me down and a family outing is probably coming up pretty soon. They are getting better as long as they don't miss a nap. HUGE thank you to our nanny Kaity. She is AWESOME with the kids and has been a huge help. She came over last week when AJ was sick and took care of the kids all day, huge task especially when you don't have time to prepare yourself for an all day affair.

Amy-Jo made it back to the hospital where we had the babies and visited her friends (nurses) on 4 north. Everyone there is so great and we miss all of you. I understand they still check in once and awhile so I wanted to send them a little shout out. Anyone needing to be put on hospital bed rest for 3 months should choose Presby Dallas, hands down the best nursing staff in the country. Now that's how you kiss some butt!

Anyway now on to the reason you are all hear....the photos. Keeping with my sleeping theme here are some funny pics of the kids sleeping, and other happenings.

Lizy is so funny when she sleeps, arms are always above her head sprawled out.

This was too funny, she isn't sleeping she is trying to claw her way out of the pack and play.
We have a video of this as well, I'll see about getting it up no promises.

So Miss Madi Belle has learned to roll onto her stomach. Now there is no keeping her off of her stomach. Which means she sleeps this way and drools like crazy. You can see the fresh drool marks on the second picture. We have to change her sheets every day. And for those saying babies shouldn't sleep on their stomach, we know there is just no stopping her.

Ok so you may remember the Bumbo picture of Logan sleeping in the last post, well this kid can sleep any where, any time. I offer up the below pics as proof.

On my lap.

Hunched to the side in the swing.
Resting on AJ's hand laying on her lap.

Laying in my lap.

Blue keeping my chair warm.

Blue hit the "sauce" pretty hard and passed out on the TV tray.

This is me using the "Looginator" on Logan. Its a massager but it helps get all his gas out. He hated it at first but it does work to get all those burps out. If we don't he wakes up screaming after about 10 minutes.

Fellow Quad Mom's and friends at a BBQ
(Suz, Moni, Casey, AJ, Misty)

So we started giving the girls rice cereal in their bottle, Logan does not get any the below picture is the reason why. He has a slight....okay big....allergy to the rice cereal or oatmeal. Not pretty.

Starting to use the jumpers and exersaurcers.

Lizy in the jumper.

Madi in the exersaucer.

"Daddy your to big to be down here"

Girl talk.
Madi L, Lizy R

Picture of all three from today.
Logan, Lizy, Madi

Girls where holding hands, very cute.

Happy girl Madi.

This is Lizy's face every morning when you get her out of bed or anytime you start to play with her. It might be the greatest face I have ever seen.

Logan hamming it up.