Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sisters, Sisters...

I know what you are thinking, TWO blog posts in one week, what is wrong? Nothing just lots to say.

The babies are all really noticing each other so much more lately. The girls have always noticed Logan and his cry or scream and now they are starting to roll their eyes. Okay, so maybe not really roll their eyes but that is what I see. It is so cute to watch their conversations! Here is a video from today, Elizabeth had to let it off her chest.

Little Miss Madison telling Mommy a story. You can hear Logan start in the background trying to defend himself. As soon as I stopped recording she really had something to say.

Both girls are rolling over from their back to their tummies, Logan has decided to do things on his own time. They are such big kiddos, I cannot believe they are going to be 6 months old on Tuesday! Their six month appointment is going to be a little late due to us switching Pedis so their official updates are not going to be for a couple weeks. Another wonderful happening in our house is Madison is trying to hold her bottle! Elizabeth is starting to try, but tends to take it out of her mouth. We are still using the bottle props to make sure they are eating and trying to "help" them hold their bottles more during the day. Things are starting to get a little harder as when I am changing one baby during the feeds I come back to at least one upside down on their boppy. All of them have started trying to to head stands when they are angry during feeds...this gets Momma terrified their necks are going to snap.

This is what Logan looks like when he won't nap. Poor thing was so exhausted.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes...

Go Madi, making your Momma proud!

Yes she can breathe and no I don't leave her there like this.

There is a happy boy!

I was able to get together this past weekend with some of my Quad Momma sisters, I have no idea what I would do without these ladies, love them and the ones I have yet to meet! We went to see CAVO at Crue Fest, you must buy their CD that was released yesterday, Bright Nights Dark Days. They are great guys and one of them is married to Beth Walker a Quad Mom. We had a blast with some great friends and it was a night out both Brandon and I were able to enjoy.

Misty and me

Me, Casey, Beth, Misty

Align Center
Brandon and me

Misty and I with CAVO

Me with the band

Love to you all!



Anonymous said...

oh my goodness i love love love the videos...those girlies have a lot to say!! we have been fighting off the sniffles for about a week and i want to make sure everyone is better before we make the trek across the street to see you guys!!! :o)Tori

Anonymous said...

Hi Fab Five, love everything on the blog, pictures are all so nice and the videos of babies are priceless, I loved hearing their voices, please send more. I miss them so much. They all have grown so much. Thanks for sending this, love all of you so much.

Dena said...

Love 2 blog posts. Love the videos. Have a great day. Love you. Mom

Stephanie said...

So glad you were able to get out with the girls!!! Sounds like yall had a blast!!

Heather Cox said...

Amy Jo they are getting soo big! It is hard to believe they are turning 6 months (your sand mine both)! I know what you mean about them flipping off the back of their boppys...ugh terrifies me and my girls try to do the same thing as far as laying face down in the boppy. They sure keep us on our toes! Anyways, your babies look GREAT hopefully we will all get to meet in person some day! Talk to ya later!

Heather Cox said...

AJ They look great! Its so hard to believe they are going to be 6 months old (yours and mine)! I know what you ean about them flipping off the back of their boppys, scares me to death and our girls to that same sleep with their face down in the boppy thing too....ugh! Well again, they are adorable! Hopefully we will all get to meet in person some day!

Cochran Quads said...

Precious videos!!! So glad you got to hang with some of the "sistas"! I can't wait to meet you and your beautiful babies!!! Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

GIRL! The video of the girls talking about had me in tears! SO CUTE!!! I could watch that all day!!! Its those moments that help you get through the hard ones, right?
Lil Logan, always wanting to keep mama on her toes, or just keep her to himself while the girls sleep :)
PS so glad you are changing pedis!

Kaity said...

Those videos are too precious! They are so talkative now! I love it!

Suzanne said...

precious, PRECIOUS babies! the video just about melted my heart. and rolling over!!! way to go!!! LOVE seeing the CAVO pics (you are adorable, miss thang!)---we'll catch you guys next time they come in town! hope you have an amazing weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! That was awesome! Glad to hear you got to get out with all of them and they did good! Sweet little babies! Give them all a kiss for me!

Amber (P4North)

Julia said...

that is so cute. from RACHEL