Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing and eating…

Time is going by too fast, in less than one month my little 3lb babies are going to be TWO years old – I cannot believe it TWO!  Where has time gone? I’m not going to lie there are plenty of days I want to go by just a little faster so I have Brandon home to help wrangle the kids or to go to the bathroom alone. At the same time I wish there was a way to keep them little just a bit longer, we are so lucky to have been blessed with our children even though we may get frustrated some days we love them more than anything.

Since the girls were sick their eating habits have been very off kilter to say the least.  Finally in the last couple days they have gotten an appetite back.  Little bit aka Madison eats a lot and will not gain an ounce.  Elizabeth will eat fruit mainly and stay at a great weight, where as Logan has been refusing to eat some days.  If anyone has some quick easy suggestions for the girls that would be great – I like to try new things when I can tell they are up for it.  Logan is still on a thickened bottle and stage two baby food, he will not eat pureed foods that we eat – ABSOLUTELY refuses them.  We are starting a new feeding therapy to see if anything changes and looking into other possible options for him.


My Dad refinished this picnic table I had as a child for our children, oh the memories I have throwing mashed potatoes at the tree.

 20110102_3540 20110102_3541

Snack time with none other than Elmo in our Elmo shirts.


Elizabeth gives a fake smile as I disturb her eating time.


Alright Mama, I rolled over for the picture…big smile and play time again.  Logan gets more handsome by the second.


I guarantee Madison was up to something here, those eyes say it all.  She will also lay down anywhere to relax.


Love that bed head Madi Belle!


No fair Mama, my hair is not ready!  Their hair was the worst we have seen this particular morning.


During Logan’s PT, his therapist is holding him up.  Elizabeth holds his hand while Bobbie moves his legs – so sweet, we try to get Madison to hold his other hand but she likes to walk very fast.


I can see the love here…melt my heart!


Pillow Pets, they love these although I am cautious with them and Logan spitting up near them.


Dance Logan Dance…

20110118_3641 20110118_3642 20110118_3643

I took way too many pictures and the girls were very annoyed by the end…too bad girlies that is what this Mama does.  Love you!


Loves!  ~ Amy-Jo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow 2011

Since we are from Michigan I look forward to at least one snow fall a year down here, I’m not sure that Brandon does however. I was so excited I even took Madison outside although she had been sick with a stomach bug the day before – she had to experience it right in some way. Logan napped for three hours that day and when Logan naps we do not disturb him so unfortunately he did not go outside to see snow this year. As soon as we stepped outside my camera battery died – seriously! I was mad to put it nicely and looked all over the house for my itouch and was ready to snap anything and everything in sight.

I couldn’t wait to get the kids out there, however we waited for the snow to stop first.


Seems odd to see snow with leaves


If Mommy puts another layer on me I may fall over, three layers on top, and a couple under the jeans.


Madison was not pleased and would not leave my side.


Maybe I’m not ready for this white stuff after all - Elizabeth

photo 19

Get me out of here…NOW!

photo 18

I got this Momma…no worries.

photo 17

I’m not sure if Brandon wanted to play in the snow or Elizabeth.

photo 15

Daddy is going crazy making this big thing, what is he doing, it’s bigger than me!

photo 9

Brandon with the girls as I get ready to take Madison inside for good *there were many trips inside before this*

photo 11

I pleaded for a smile instead of tears, one picture of about twenty came through for me…thank you Madi Belle.

photo 12

Elizabeth and Daddy with partial snowman

photo 13

They really are buddies and more alike than either of us like to admit, it is scary.

photo 14

My little bear is growing up way too fast, she looks like a big girl here and not at all like a baby.

photo 4

I like this snow Momma, lets play more…

photo 7

Brandon teaching Elizabeth what a snowball is and what to do when you have one.

photo 2

Here ya go Lizy, it’s not yellow you can eat it…

photo 1

Brandon did try to get Elizabeth to eat snow with no luck. She was a little grossed out and still has major texture issues. She did stay outside for a lot longer than I or Brandon thought she would and wasn’t ready to come in. I think she would be okay with us living in a northern state – not that that is going to be happening family – just that she enjoys the snow and different seasons.

As I said earlier Madison had a stomach bug that was passed on to Elizabeth and then to me, it was HORRIBLE. Brandon missed 1.5 days of work to help me because I just could not get out of bed. Thank you Brandon for staying here to take care of the kiddos. We are so thankful Logan nor Brandon had this and we also tried to keep Logan as far away from the girls and I as possible. As of yesterday we are all 100% better or bebber as the girls like to say. Keeping the germs away as much as possible.

We are now dealing with after sickness sleeping routines with the girls that I may be begging readers for help with very soon.

I have made a promise to myself and I am writing it on here as well so I hope you will keep me to this that I update on our kids at least once a week whether it is pictures, a quick update on our household, something funny one of the kids did, or a long post just to keep the family and friends updated on happenings.

until next time…Love to you all!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

We made it through another Christmas, hard to believe.  My parents were here which made it easier for Brandon and I to finish up last minute details.  No pictures of my Mom because she and Logan were both sick during the holiday, yuck yuck.

Instead of seeing Santa we rode the train in the Safari store, thank you Grandpa and Grammie!  There was no way our kids would have held up in a hour long line and been alright sitting with a stranger.

*Brandon comment - for those who say these pictures are not “centered”  or “good”  you try taking pictures of a train moving around a 10 foot circle at 100 mph.  Not as easy as it sounds.

 20101221_2884 20101221_2887 20101221_2891 20101221_2896

Christmas Eve, this is the best we could get of all three together for a couple days…Santa is about to come but first Christmas Eve gifts just like we were in Michigan.


*Brandon comment – Below picture allowed under extreme protest.


Baby, baby, baby…

20101224_2979 20101224_2986

Big Foot is sooo cool!  The girls do not like him but Logan LOVES him oh and so does Brandon.

*Brandon Comment – This is by far the best gift I, errr I mean Logan received.  This thing is cool, too bad the girls do not like him.




Chuck the talking truck…seriously awesome, I want to be a little boy!


Merry Christmas Santa came, 7 people and gifts from Michigan and beyond = opening gifts all day long.  The kids loved it and wanted to stop and play after 5 seconds.


Elizabeth was set with her stroller and baby.


Madison and baby, so sweet


Logan driving away with the wrapping paper still on


My babies, growing up so fast


Sock Monkeys, we love these, or per the girls ah ahs, they will not say monkey they call every monkey ah ah-so stinkin cute.


Elizabeth lounging in her Michigan chair after nap


Animal sound puzzle…mooooooooo

*Brandon comment – Pretty sure she has the cat, which apparently looks more like a cow then a dog or duck, because she is making it moooo.  Seriously I love the three category animals, I plan on never correcting this.


Jammies!!!!  Something we love in our house.


More jammies, it makes me so happy they get as excited about clothes and pjs as I do.


The perfect trike/bike for Logan – he loves it already


Yes, Madison Isabelle is kissing every single Elmo on those pjs!


Thank you Great Grandma Begley for our Cozy Coupes

*Brandon Comment – I love the Cozy Coupes, but Grandpa and I agree the engineer behind building them needs a swift kick in the pants.  You know who you are and you’re on my list.

20101225_3371 20101225_3373

Logan has a new favorite spot :o).  Seriously he loved being in there, the girls wanted brother out though.




All bundled up Christmas night to check out the new playhouse with Grandpa Tomlinson, thanks Grandpa and Grammie…so much fun!

20101225_3423 20101225_3427


Love to you all.  Happy New Year!

~ Amy-Jo