Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Back - And Pics

That's right I'm back on the blog after a long, long break. Life has forever changed and between work, feeding and my "honey do's" blogging has been forced to take a back seat. Sorry but a guys gotta sleep. But I am back in charge of the key board for a least one day so I am hear to give you the real deal on life with Triplets!

So many things to tell, I will start with my self imposed home confinement. We have tried a few "adventures" outside of the house. Once to Wal-Mart and once to Hobby Lobby. Wal-Mart was not too bad, which is why the trip to Hobby Lobby was ever even attempted. We had help at Wal-Mart, the Lobby not so much. And of course the kids knew this and took full advantage. At one point all three were crying, so out of the stroller they come. I have two in my arms, AJ has the other. All three still crying, as if we do not already get enough attention with our limo sized stroller they need to cry and carry on. We eventually got a couple of them calmed down enough to put back in the stroller, until AJ walked away to pick up a cart that is. Then off again, the only help was a nice women at Hobby Lobby who ended up saving Madison from her crying spell. So all of this has led to no more trips out of the house. TOO much work! It takes 30 - 45 minutes to get them loaded up and on the road and they HATE the car seats. Lots of crying and not a lot of fun.

So home we stay in our bubble of sleep, change, eat, repeat. Oh, except for bath night, I really hate bath night. It seems every bath night the trio want to 1. Eat early which causes 2. Hysterical crying. Its not bad when we can play man to man, but the few times it was just AJ and myself it gets a little overwhelming for dear old daddy. Mom is unshakable, but I crack pretty quickly.

Big news is we actually finished the nursery and moved them from the dining room to their actual room. This is good, except for the fact the nursery is on the second floor and the master is on the first. I am pretty sure AJ and I will have legs of steal by the time the kids 1st birthday comes around. Up-down-up-down, even getting a little 3 AM work out in, nice.

The kids are all getting into a nice little routine. We are still getting Mr. Logan to feel better. He has had a little issue with his stools, which from this point forward will be referred to as "rewards". So the doctor put him on a "rewards" softener to help relieve some of the pain. When a little didn't work he put him on a lot. We are finding out today that it has worked, very well. He has been rewarding us all day with his "rewards". And they are not fun "rewards" they are all over the body, clothes, blankets, bouncer "rewards". He has even apparently signed up for a multiple "rewards" program that has us cleaning just about everything in the living room. I hate "rewards", I think I am canceling my credit card rewards today just to be safe.

Lizy is kicking booty with the sleeping thing. She is giving us a break about every 2 out of 3 days. No idea why its not every day but I'll take what I can get! She has found her "voice" as AJ calls it, which is a nice way to say she now cries, pretty loud. So it turns out she is a baby after all, who knew.

Madi, dear old Madi. She hates getting changed, day or night does not matter the girl screams her head off anytime that diaper comes off. Mad, mad Madi. She usually bounces back though as soon as you take her off the changing table. She has this habit of scratching her head and face with her nails. As a result she is now "Gansta Madi" with her hat and mittens on around the clock. Poor girl has it rough but she could be like Logan, when he gets really mad he gives himself "titty twisters". It's very funny and yes we stop him when we can.

Okay here are some pictures which the only reason you all read the words above anyway. These are just random, no time line just how they came together.

Logan doing some tummy time in the Jungle

Gangsta Madi - without gloves

Logan sleeping with his "lovie"

Lizy searching for her "voice"

Madi showing off her tummy skills

Lizy - she hates tummy time this is the one time she didn't cry

The girls. Madi left, Lizy right.

Our friends the Gerwer's on our night out. Drinking hurts more then I remember.

Amy-Jo's Grandma and Mom with the gang. Logan, Madi, Lizy.

Nana showing us a new technique for putting Mr. Craptastic to sleep.

My first Father's Day. I am hopeful they will be a little easier on me for my second!

4 month check up, Madi and Lizy loved the mirror. So much for a tom boy.

Daddy I got your "rewards" right here!

The boys.

Lizy passed out last feed of the day.

Biggest smile for Logan, this does not happen too often (but he is feeling better now)

Amy-Jo's cousin Alyssa reading to Madison

Aunt Connie with Lizy and Logan.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Four Months!

I would like to start by saying a belated Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, especially Brandon and our Dads!

My laptop became ill last Saturday and I just got it back. What would we do without 24 hour access to the world? I will post pictures this weekend.

I cannot believe our little miracles are FOUR MONTHS OLD, well a week ago they were. It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital trying to keep everyone safe. We had their four month check up this past Monday and everyone is doing fabulous! They are all developmentally in the four month ranges, growth wise and weight they are just a little smaller. Logan is 10lbs 5oz, Elizabeth is 11 lbs, and Madison is our smallest at 9lbs 12oz. They are all 22in in length! In my opinion they are so so big, I actually miss my 3lb babies. I know they are so much healthier now and growing, but there is just something about the first two months and how tiny they were that I miss everyday.

We have had so many visitors lately. After Brandon's Mom left we had a week by ourselves and then my Mom, Grandma, Aunt Connie, and cousin Alyssa were here for a week and now my Nana is here. We are so grateful and thankful for all the help.

Elizabeth and Madison have slept through the night a few more times, mainly Lizy, and Logan has a total of two times now. We are now doing 4 hour feeds and they are doing great. I honestly think Elizabeth would eat any amount we put in front of her, that girl loves her food still. We now just need to work on the others.

Brandon and I were able to go out last week with our wonderful friends Casey and Robbie Gerwer, we had such a great time, THANK YOU for making us get out and have some adult time. We also were able to go on a little date by ourselves, of course we talked about the kids almost the entire time, but it was nice to have a date night again.

I promise to post too many pictures in the next couple days. Have a fabulous weekend!

Love - Amy-Jo

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sleeping through the night and videos

First off...Elizabeth slept through the night, a total of 8.5 hours and we had to wake her up this morning!
Below are "good morning" videos, morning is so wonderful with all the stretching and smiles that go on. They may not be too exciting for some but for most this is the only way to see our little monkeys. Enjoy!

Lizy getting changed and waking up.

Madison getting changed and waking up.

Logan waking up and getting changed.