Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing and eating…

Time is going by too fast, in less than one month my little 3lb babies are going to be TWO years old – I cannot believe it TWO!  Where has time gone? I’m not going to lie there are plenty of days I want to go by just a little faster so I have Brandon home to help wrangle the kids or to go to the bathroom alone. At the same time I wish there was a way to keep them little just a bit longer, we are so lucky to have been blessed with our children even though we may get frustrated some days we love them more than anything.

Since the girls were sick their eating habits have been very off kilter to say the least.  Finally in the last couple days they have gotten an appetite back.  Little bit aka Madison eats a lot and will not gain an ounce.  Elizabeth will eat fruit mainly and stay at a great weight, where as Logan has been refusing to eat some days.  If anyone has some quick easy suggestions for the girls that would be great – I like to try new things when I can tell they are up for it.  Logan is still on a thickened bottle and stage two baby food, he will not eat pureed foods that we eat – ABSOLUTELY refuses them.  We are starting a new feeding therapy to see if anything changes and looking into other possible options for him.


My Dad refinished this picnic table I had as a child for our children, oh the memories I have throwing mashed potatoes at the tree.

 20110102_3540 20110102_3541

Snack time with none other than Elmo in our Elmo shirts.


Elizabeth gives a fake smile as I disturb her eating time.


Alright Mama, I rolled over for the picture…big smile and play time again.  Logan gets more handsome by the second.


I guarantee Madison was up to something here, those eyes say it all.  She will also lay down anywhere to relax.


Love that bed head Madi Belle!


No fair Mama, my hair is not ready!  Their hair was the worst we have seen this particular morning.


During Logan’s PT, his therapist is holding him up.  Elizabeth holds his hand while Bobbie moves his legs – so sweet, we try to get Madison to hold his other hand but she likes to walk very fast.


I can see the love here…melt my heart!


Pillow Pets, they love these although I am cautious with them and Logan spitting up near them.


Dance Logan Dance…

20110118_3641 20110118_3642 20110118_3643

I took way too many pictures and the girls were very annoyed by the end…too bad girlies that is what this Mama does.  Love you!


Loves!  ~ Amy-Jo


Willy's Auntie said...

What Cuties! Is Logan always so happy with his open mouth smile? And I love how his sister is helping him walk. Sweet!

Stephanie said...

My little guy loves his pillow pet too!! I love the pics of Logan standing and holding sweet!!

Anonymous said...

As far as introducing new foods...never quit trying. They are still so young, so it won't be anytime soon that they are willing to try a variety. My rule of thumb was my kids had to learn to like the staples in our life, which took several years. My girls are 9 and 11 an each girl can pick one veggie they don't have to eat. All other veggies have to be at least tried and several bites of. As a result, they now eat a pretty balanced diet.

Bret and Heather said...

Oh Aj that pic of Logan and Elizabeth... the sweetest ever! Can't believe how big they are getting either :(

Elisa's Quads said...

They are beautiful! Great blog.

Elisa's Quads said...

They are beautiful - enjoy the blog!