Friday, April 24, 2009

First week(s) home

So I thought I would grab back control of the blog for a day and give everyone the real deal on the first week home. I will say we have been able to get some good pictures which obviously I will share.

First, let me just tell you three babies is NOT easy! I thought I was prepared for this but I think it is impossible to be prepared for this. All I can say is THANK GOD for Grandma. If she was not here helping we would have spiraled out of control days ago. It's crazy all day every day, there are no days only 4 hours from feed to feed. Day and Night run together. You can get one baby to sleep, sometimes even two, but never three. Well at least for longer then an hour at a time. Which at 3 AM is not so fun. We wind up very tired, which leads to a bit of silliness throughout the day. Because of this Logan has been given a very unfortunate nickname which we can't seem to stop using. Its started as "Low-gee" but quickly changed to "Lou-gee". Say it out load and you'll understand. Poor guy.

I have come up with a little plan to help teen pregnancy problem, I'm thinking of calling it Scared Abstinence. It will be the equivalent of "Scared Straight" for the inner city teens. Spend 48 hours with a set of triplets or above and I promise they will run so far from the opposite sex just for fear looking at them wrong could cause a pregnancy. Multiples are not for the weak at heart folks, only the strong survive.

Lougee, has been quite the handful. He is living up to his original nickname of CP (cranky pants). He is the hardest to calm down, feed, put to bed, etc. Basically he is just a fussy baby. Which the first couple days was a little difficult for dear old dad to understand, but its getting better. With understanding comes patience I suppose. Well that and trying every trick ever invented to soothe him. Sleeping on the floor, on his belly, wrapped up tight, unwrapped, in a swing, in a bouncer, taped to the ceiling....ummm forget that last one it never happened. Here are some good pics.

Logan sitting in the big boy chair, not happy about it.

Daddy pretending to enjoy feeding Logan during a fussy feed.

Daddy not pretending.

Logan sleeping, finally!

When Madison first came home she was dealing with some crankiness as well. We asked the doctor about putting her on Zantac with Logan and it has changed her world. I think she was really dealing with some reflux issues and the Zantac has really changed her demeanor. We tried letting all three sleep in one bed, but Madison was a little too wiggly for the rest of the gang and we had to move her. Below is an example.

This is how she was suppose to look when I went to pick her up.

This is how she actually looked. (And please don't worry about Lizy's face against the wedge, I moved it when I picked up Logan seconds before taking this picture, she didn't sleep like that.)

Elizabeth is quickly becoming our little chunky monkey. Boy can she eat, whew! We actually have to stop her half way just to slow her down or she will spit up for an hour. She is so calm almost all day, if she is crying you know something is wrong and can quickly fix her issue. Some pics of her playing with bro and sis.

Talking things over (Elizabeth R and Madi L).

This is a cute picture but it only tells half the story. Moments later Lizy would cover half of Madi's head and face with spit up, hitting her from about a foot away. Ah the joy of multiples. Lizy, Madi, and Logan

Here are a couple more good pics of mommy and her girls.

Mommy and Lizy

Lizy left, Madi right.

Nap time.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness...they are so AORABLE!!!
THose pics of you and the girls are great!!

Anonymous said...

Your doing great guys! I know its hard but its not this way forever!
They look GREAT! 4 hour feeds already, they are doing WELL!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! MISS YOU GUYS, love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! The sleepless nights will be gone soon enough and then you will wonder what happened to your little babies! Keep smiling! Love you! Barb

Mountain Girl said...

Poor Logan........all these not very nice names! Oh, that's right, I don't get to experience all his "fun" like you do! :-) They are such cuties! Before long, they'll be sleeping through the night and you'll miss those midnight feedings! (as least just keep telling yourself that! HA!)

kimybeee said...

If Logan is gonna be outnumbered by girls, he is certainly going to do things on his own terms.

I am so happy that you have everyone under the same roof finally. Just imagine when they are all 15 or 16 years old and want to date or drive!!! Sleepless nights now are just practice for the big ones.

Enjoy and try to rest...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brandon, just great as always. The pictures are so nice and can't belive Madi moves around like that. She is a hurry to grow up and take care of things. lol They grow up so fast, cherish every moment and take lots of pictures. Know we love all of you and thinking of you with happy thoughts and prayers.
hugs and love---Nana & Papa

TwinsanityMom said...

Oh I remember those days! I can't begin to imagine the extra stress of one more though. It looks like you guys are doing great though. Hopefully you will start to see a little more sleep soon, it will get better! Thanks for posting all the pics :)

Jessica said...

The babies are growing so fast!! They are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the pics. I hope everything else is going well for you all! Can't wait for the next update!


Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

I just love the post and all the all are doing great---after a few months a routine will come together. After reading this post it reminded me of a shirt I saw at the Triplet Connection says..."You don't scare me..I have triplets!" Good Luck!! Mary-Elizabeth

cousin Heidi said...

What cute pictures, if you think it is hard now wait till they walk and are going in 3 diffeent directions!!! YOU BOTH are doing a GREAT job and AmyJo you are a very strong willed person you will survive trust me.....Love you all
Cousin Heidi

Anonymous said...

Hello~ My name is Kam and I found your blog from another blog. I also just had triplets so I can totally relate to you! I just wanted to let you know that you WILL sleep again! :0) My girls are almost 4 months old and have been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now. In the beginning I thought it would never happen but then it did! It is so amazing how fast they grow and how much they will change in such a short time! Congrats!

Cutest Twins Ever said...

It is SO hard right now and I had one less than you. But you're right about multiples not being for the faint of heart! God only gives us what we can handle...even if we don't think we can! In a few short months, you'll be catching up on your rest so just hang in there! (and take lots of photos b/c it goes so fast!)