Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update coming soon...

We have the nine month appointment tomorrow and I will give an update on everything afterwards. For now here are some recent pictures. Most of the pictures are blurry because my camera no longer likes me.
All of us on Thanksgiving, very difficult to get this.
Sweet Lizy Bear...yes I was right there as Brandon took the picture, it was just too cute and she was so happy in the box, her alone space.

Madi Belle relaxing with her remote.

Next is was Elizabeths turn...Mom don't interrupt me.

This is the best we could get of me and the kiddos, doesn't happen too often.

Madison was cracking up sitting in Logans bumbo, the girls stopped using them a long time ago.

Hey sissy, let me bounce you!

I think Daddy rethought this afterwards, before I would help I thought perfect picture.

Mr Man working with his arms...
I got it Mama, now to get them to my mouth...sweet Logan
Elizabeth would not nap all day and she fell asleep like this before dinner time, we could not keep her awake for anything.

Not sure why the girls think the end table is a toy, maybe it is a fort Mommy...
Love to you all!


Misty said...

OMG! I love the pics! the kids looked sooooo good AND BIG! WOW!
Love you!

Kaity said...

Gosh I just love those pics! The one with them all sitting on Brandon is great!!! Love yall!