Monday, December 7, 2009

Grow babies grow...

We finally had our 9 month check up last week and it was the worst so far with the shots, oh my goodness! We are definitely making sure we have one adult per child at their year visit. Here are their stats and then on with the pictures.


Weight 16lbs 6oz

Height 26 3/4 in


Weight 19lbs 11oz

Height 28 1/2 in


Weight 16lbs 12.8oz

Height 26 1/4 in

Ok so now that Amy-Jo has the "business" end of this post out of the way I will get back in the saddle for a good old Daddy post. It's been awhile, as I have basically passed the duty on to AJ. But she is busy with Christmas cards and giving me "the look" so blog I must.

So even though having triplets is really freaking hard, it does have its perks. We always have at least one child who is happy and in a good mood (we always have one in a bad mood as well but this is a happy post!). Also, with three babies we very rarely have to waste food. Someone will always take a few extra bites to finish the jar, very nice. But maybe the best perk of all is that Santa makes house calls! All it took was Daddy volunteering at the HOA's Christmas event and a few favors later, Santa baby!

Needless to say the kids were not as excited! Maybe next year.

The other day Lizy fell asleep in her jumper when Daddy was watching the kids. Well it turns out she is forming a habit, here she is the next day with Mommy. She looks so comfortable, and honestly if we put her in bed at this time its a scream fest, so to the jumper she goes.

Logan and Mommy prefer a more conventional napping spot.

Madi trying to use Lizy as a pillow. I was not here for this but have to assume this was staged. See the next couple of pictures for my reasoning. (Mommy here, this was not staged, the girls always cuddle.)

Lizy and Madi wrestling in a steel cage match.

I can't even tell you how often Lizy does this to Madi. I caught her later in the day dragging her around by her sleeve in the kitchen, poor Madi.

Logan getting in some tummy time.

The girls starting on teething biscuits, these give a whole new definition to "messy food"

Why do we need teething biscuits you ask? Look at all those teeth, Lizy not so happily showing them off (as of right now she has 6!).

Oh ya and she is standing already. She can pull herself up while Madi needs a little help getting there, but still. Poor Logan is still playing catch up but making some good progress.

A random picture of Blue you ask? Well a closer look reveals some footie PJ's. A little too big for one of the kids you say. And there is Brandon in the back ground, hmmm I wonder who could be wearing those footie PJ's....hmmmm.

Madi - "Daddy I want some of YOUR bottle"
Daddy - " No Madi you can't have my happy juice"

I said give me your bottle!
Madi, thanks for distracting Daddy I was able to get his bottle! Hiccup!

Disclaimer: No babies consumed alcohol in the making of these pictures.


Mountain Girl said...

What a cute post! The babies look great and at least they aren't SCREAMING on Santa's lap.

Stephanie said...

What a great post and pics dad!!
I love the Santa pic!!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and getting so big! Love you all! Barb

Julia said...

i really like your post you have a lovely family FROM RACHEL

Julia said...

THEY LOOK SO CUTE . from rachel