Friday, November 20, 2009

We are THANKFUL for...

Our beautiful 9 month old babies, as of this past Wednesday. Time sure is going by quickly lately. I tell people every single day and I tell our wonderful children every single day just how blessed we are to have them in our lives. Every morning I wake up and no matter how much sleep I had or how I feel I know everything is going to be wonderful because of our little miracles.

Of course we are behind on getting to their 9 month appointment and will have all their stats posted after that appointment. The girls are army crawling everywhere and are going fast and sitting up on their own. I turn around for a second and one of them will be in the kitchen sitting up, for that second my heart skips a beat as I am TERRIFIED of them falling backwards.

The girls are doing great with eating, we are still working with Logan but they all eat at the same time and approximately the same amount. There are times we have to stop Madison because she would eat until she got sick, trust me on this.

Here are some recent photos...I just LOVE them all so very much! Warning, this may be picture overload.

Madison trying to make a break for the hard floor (their new favorite game).

Lizy chasing Blue. Very determined.

"This is how the rattle dance is suppose to go daddy."

Madison needed some privacy for her reading.

The girls both love to come torture...ummm I mean play with their brother.

Bath time fun. Still Daddy's least favorite activity.

Mr. Happy Pants. He's come a long way since is Mr. Crank Pants days!

Love that grin, anytime the camera is on she is still such a ham.

Madi showing off her sitting skills.

Logan still working on his tummy time.

Umm ya that's the end table, and no they are not suppose to be there.

I swear we used to have some carpet in here, now its just a floor made of toys.

Jumper time!

The girls planning a jail break.

This moose is very tasty thanks for asking.

99% of the day the girls look like this, I wish I was kidding.

Ha! Madi you should see whats on your head you look funny!

A little back massage for Lizy.

Amy-Jo decided to clean out the washer and the case of the missing socks was solved! It was the washer in the study with the candle stick.

We are handsome I know..Brandon obviously wrote this :)

The girls on their way to visit sweet!



Lindsay F. said...

Oh my gosh! You are blessed! They are so adorable. I love the back massage pic! How clever! It looks like never a dull moment at your house! I do hope you are getting more sleep these days. I cannot wait to see what happens when they all start walking, oh no, watch out! I personally think it gets easier when they can walk and do more things on their own, however, I have one child, not three! So I really do not know what lies ahead for you. But what is certain is you will always have a happy house with those beautiful babies!

The Cochran Crew said...

Precious! They are too stinking cute!!!! Love ya!

Steve Sather said...

Love your blog. What adorable babies. We are the parents of two preemies who are now 14 and 17. Your posting on RSV brought back some memories. Our younger daughter Stephanie had her release from NICU delayed by over a month due to an outbreak of RSV. (If you are interested, you can find my blog at

E. Merritt said...

Your post was great. It's crazy of similiar our lives are. I look at what your kids are doing and mine are doing the same things. We also have the same toys, bibs, books, etc. that I see in your pictures!

R G de Guzman said...

I love the pictures of 'we're handsome' - that's just the coolest picture of your husband and his baby boy. Having twin girls, I totally relate to the biting photo 'all days are like this'. Enjoy this time...believe me, it flys by way too fast. Videotape EVERYTHING, that's the only way to 'go back' and relive some of these precious moments.