Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 09 and more

It may bee a few days late, but here are the cutest bumble bees I have ever seen (no bias at all)! It was a beautiful weekend and we were able to take the kiddos on a walk early in the day.

Madison trying to sting her brother...

Logan looking handsome as ever

Elizabeth and her ever so happy self...

Madisons only thought is, how do I get that camera...

YAY...I finally am free of the bee costume!

Our adorable Madison, her poor chin looks painful from all the drooling.

Mama, why are these on my ears, Lizy in a not so happy moment.

We were so lucky to get away to the Bahamas after months of planning. My parents came down to stay with the kids while we took a little break. Not only were we able to get away, we were also with GREAT friends! Here are a few of our pictures from the trip, Casey did a great post on the trip, click here to see the fun. Love you Gerwers! We were only able to go because we were able to use a time share Brandons family has...Thank you so much!

Love to you all!!



Misty said...

THose are very cute little bumblebees! And so happy ya'll got away!!!! I need to think of that for me :)
Luv ya!

E. Merritt said...

Such cute costumes! I am also envious that y'all got to take a little vacation. It looks like you had fun.

TwinsanityMom said...

I didn't think they could get any cuter but these pictures top them all! :) So glad you two could get away for a little R&R, you deserve it!

Try a little clear desitin on their face for the red spots from the drool. Our Logan had the same problem and that stuff helped immensly.

Cousin Heidi said...

Oh Amy Jo those babies are just so cute, I do have to say that may have been the only time you will get Logan in tights though......my ladies were just loving the pictures of the kids ...Glad you were able to get a break you need that every now and then.
Love and hugs to all Cousin