Monday, November 16, 2009

Fight for Preemies...

I plan to do a few posts on what we or I am thankful for throughout the month, a late start maybe but today is the perfect day.

Tomorrow (11/17/09) is the day, National Prematurity Awareness Day, that we FIGHT FOR PREEMIES everywhere and thank the March of Dimes. Having our precious MIRACLES so early and so tiny we are thankful every single day that there are people fighting for babies just like them. We are so THANKFUL for the NICU and medical advances that helped me carry them as long as I did and kept them safe in this world when they were still suppose to be cooking away. Please take the time to let others know of today as premature birth is the number one of newborns, you can visit to learn more.

Premature births are taking place every day, it is not something most people expect. If you read all the statistics you can see how this could affect anyone and if you had to go through this wouldn't you want to know that all would be fine?

Below are some of the first pictures of our sweet babies we are so lucky to have been blessed with. Spending any time in the NICU is so scary, every second you wonder what is going to happen next and with every alarm (which seemed to be constant) your heart skips a beat.




Thank you for taking the time to read about National Prematurity Awareness Day. March of Dimes is a cause we have always supported and now do more than ever. We are not asking for any donations just thoughts, prayers, and awareness.

The Sather Family

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