Thursday, February 18, 2010


What a year it has been at 1:38pm and 1:39pm a year ago today February 18, 2009, our sweet, precious, beautiful, adorable MIRACLES were born. Our world has changed so much for the better because of you sweet babies. Our love for you is something your Daddy and I never thought possible and it still grows every second of every day. You all make us extremely happy and if we could we would hold you in our arms all day long.

It is hard to believe our little 3lb, 3.1lb, and 3.3lb babies are ONE year old today...where does the time go, honestly? I have put some of their first photos below and then some recent photos. Just when I was going through the pictures I was getting teary eyed and wanted to go squeeze the love out of them, as I type they are all asleep so that will not happen just yet...LOVE THEM so much!

***WARNING*** The first picture is a little scary and I cannot believe I am posting it, but hey it was the last photo of me pregnant standing up...let's just say Mama was ready and not in the mood :-).

I had not slept in over 24 hours and was not the happiest person, contractions and too many shots to count for over 2 months is not fun, however they are very worth it.

Getting ready to meet our babies...

They're here and Mommy does not remember this picture at all!

Mr Logan

Miss Elizabeth

Miss Madison

And now we have...

Mommy I did not do it...

Me tip over the toy...nope it was The Blue...hehehe

I just love this picture because it shows some of his curls in the back

Mommy stop, I know I'm cute but you already took 20 pictures

The girls LOVING the ball pit...thanks Grammie and Grandpa!!!!

Yes that is Logan in the corner laying down and yes Lizy Bear is about to "love" on him

Uh oh what is Daddy getting me into, these girls are crazy

Seriously it does not get sweeter than this, take the girls to the cribs and come back to Logans sweet face sound asleep, I know awwwwww.

All our love-Mommy and Daddy


Suzanne said...

happy birthday you precious sather cutie pies!!!!!!!! and aj, happy birth- day to you, homegirl! looking back to a year ago is surreal and amazing. so glad to be on this journey with you.

love you!!! have a heck of a day!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy 1st birthday!!
It has been such a joy to watch all of them groe into such adorable kiddos!!!
Love Logans little curls!!!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it!! They're soooo stinking sweet! Love the sleeping Logan picture!!! Love you Woman, hope you have a rockin day!

Charity Donovan said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet precious babies. OMG...Baby L in the bottom picture...melt my heart! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Logan, Elizabeth & Madison. I tried to do it right at their exact birth time but cameron was calling for me. GRRRR! Off by four minutes!

King Quads said...

Happy Birthday Sather babies! Great post AJ - you have been an amazing mother to these babies for one year now...Brandon too. Congrats parents.

love you

Kami Lambe said...

Happy Birthday Logan, Elizabeth & Madison! Happy one year to you and Brandon as well! They are beautiful happy babies and very much loved!

TwinsanityMom said...

Happy Birthday sweet babies! It's hard to believe it has been a year already. Seems like yesterday I was reading your updates you were leaving from bed. :) Hope you all have a wonderful birthday weekend, and I am expecting to see lots of birthday cake pictures!! Amy-Jo I am working on something for you I hope to get done in the next week and send on the lookout.

Mountain Girl said...

Happy First Birthday Sather babies! And also Happy Birthday to little Cody, the hero. I hope your day was filled with much fun and love. The pictures are adorable and I love Logan's curls!