Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Madison does the Elaine Dance.

You'll have to wait a few to understand what the title means, but trust me its worth the wait. So much to catch up on.

First the trips turned 7 months on Friday, hard to believe I know. Its seems like only yesterday we were packing them up and bringing them home, scared out of our minds by the way. Now we are like a well oiled machine, we could bathe, change, and feed them in our sleep (which we might have done on occasion). Here is a pic from the 18th.

The big news of the week though has to be our Lizy being the first to sit without us holding her up. Here she is below showing off. She was probably able to do this weeks ago, but we started playing a game with her when we would try to have her sit up. We would let her fall back onto a pillow or bobby and yell "Go Boom" every time. She thought this was the greatest game ever and probably slowed down her progress because as soon as you would sit her down she would push herself backwards to fall down. At any rate she eventually learned what the real object was.

Poor Madison is the first one to teeth. She should have her first pearly whites any day now. If her temperament is any indication of what's to come, I am scared.... make that terrified! She goes from happy, chatty baby to Mad, Mad Madi in like .2 seconds. And once this girl turns, there is very little that can bring her back. To her credit she has handled it pretty well I can't imagine it feels all that great so I can understand. I am just scared for the days when all three are screaming in pain, should be a blast. Here is the Madi grin, no pain here!

Mr. Loogie. Our poor dude has had his fair share of battles. We met with a nutritionist this week and she helped explain why Logan has had such a hard time gaining weight. His high tone (tense muscles) have him burning a ton more calories then the girls. He is finishing an 8 oz bottle 5 times a day and is still not getting enough calories. I had flash backs to feeding AJ back at the beginning of the pregnancy and getting nowhere near the calorie goal. So the increased caloric need plus the fact he has to use a thickener (empty calories) and not cereal has him behind the girls in weight. So to try and bump his calories we are trying a third grain, barley, to see if he has less of a reaction to this. My bet is he will because 1) He is a Sather, 2) Barley is one of the ingredients in beer, 3)Sather's love beer. This was his reaction when he learned he would be getting his first taste of beer.

Back to our blog title. Madison has this new move in which she flairs her arms and legs in a crazy motion. I likened it to the Elaine dance from Seinfeld fame. First check out the video of Elaine here and then check out Madi below. Too funny. Watch it a second time and just watch Lizy, she stares at the camera the whole time because she is such a ham. She knows to smile any time we bring it out. Then Madi starts to hit her and I have to pull her out of harms way, one of my favorite videos.

Some bonus pics.

The girls having a little wrestling match.

My Dad and Step Mom Joan cam for a visit. The kids let her hear all about that Michigan victory over a certain team from South Bend. Get used to it kids, Charlie Weis still has a bunch of years left on that contract.

Food time, we are getting better at this I swear. Can't wait for our triplet table to get hear these IKEA specials are a pain in the butt.

Lizy fought the Nap and the Nap won!

We bring the kids down one at a time in the morning and put them in the pack and play until we change them. They are so happy at this time, it really is the best part of the day.

Logan getting some exersaucer time.

Lizy giving her devious smile, she is going to be a trouble maker no question about it.


E. Merritt said...

Wow, this post AGAIN could have been written about our babies- everything is so similiar! We also took a video this week of the flairing arms and legs, but ours do it while on the changing table. We've been doing cereal for the past 2 weeks, but our littlest still wants nothing to do with it.

Mountain Girl said...

What a great update. The babies just get cuter and cuter. I hope Logan loves his barley and gains some weight!

Jenna said...

Awe! They look so great and are getting so big! It is so funny how our babies have so many of the same outfits! Hope your little man gains some weight soon!

Bret and Heather said...

Dang that girl can kick!!! So cute and WOW on the sitting up, thats great!

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS video!!! I love how lizy is looking at the camera the whole time!! we can't wait to come over and see you once we are all healthy for a couple of weeks...tell lizy to stop eating logan and madi's bottles when mommy is changing them...no not really gotta love the little chubb y cheeks!!! give the babies kisses for us!! tori and clay

Cochran Quads said...

Precious!!! They are just too cute! Love the barley comment. He's sure to be hooked on beer now!! :) They all look great! Y'all have done a WONDERFUL job!

Anonymous said...

The kids are getting sooo big. I remember when they were all like 1/4 of a pound in your belly. We really do miss you on 4 North! Love, Angie and all of your other 4 North nurses

Cousin Heidi said...

Hugs to all!!!!
Love cousin Heidi

Kaity said...

This is precious! Those darlings are growing up so quickly.
I miss you guys!