Sunday, September 13, 2009

Six Month Update

We finally had our six month appointment with our new pediatrician and we love him! Here are their current stats. The percents listed are their adjusted age of 4 1/2 months and their actual age of 6 1/2 months at the time of the appointment.


Weight 11lbs 14.6oz adjusted age 5th percentile, not on chart for actual age
Height 24.25in adjusted age 25th percentile, not on chart for actual age


Weight 15lbs 10.4oz adjusted age 90th percentile, actual age 50th percentile
Height 25.25in adjusted age 80th percentile, actual age 30th percentile


Weight 13lbs 6.8oz adjusted age she is in the 50th percentile, actual age 10th percentile
Height 24.75in adjusted age she is in the 70th percentile, actual age 15th percentile

ECI has started working with Logan and is coming to our house once a week, the first meeting was last week and we are now working on stretches with him in order to get his preemie extension and high tone to normal. He does not love these exercises but he does let us stretch him as long as we are making him laugh.

Now for some of the pictures from our 6 month photo session:

Miss Madison and her sweetness!

A look we often see...

Miss Elizabeth, always a smile

Logan, how can you not love him to pieces!

Mommy with all three, what a hard picture this was to get
We ordered this picture, this is what my day normally looks like, how sweet.

Such a handsome little man

The girls are rolling all over the place, I am not able to change a diaper without worrying where they will end up next. Elizabeth is trying to scoot along, so precious to watch her as she gets so tired from not moving forward after all her hard work.

Have a fabulous to you all!



jag said...

These are amazing. Really, there is something very special about these pictures! Beautiful!

E. Merritt said...

Your babies are doing great. Our little Noah is around the same weight and not on the charts either. We also just had our ECI eval and 1st visit. Same thing, our little Noah is high tone and we have to work on flexing, bending not extending. We also have two rollers-Cooper and Noah. Keep up the good work!

Amy-Jo said...

Aww, thanks Jenna. It was a fun day as they were talking so much. Lizy is becoming such a ham for the camera.

Charity Donovan said...

They are doing GREAT momma...awesome weights! I LOVE the new pics...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hilary said...

The pictures are so cute!! They are getting so big :)