Monday, January 12, 2009

Update from Paradise

And by paradise I mean the inside of the hospital for the 43rd consecutive day, ya not at all stir crazy. It is a blessing to be here though it means our babies are safe and are growing so we gladly spend as much time here as we can, but it does stink just a little. Speaking of growing babies (how about that lead in) we had our sono today. They FINALLY measured the babies again, its been three weeks since our last "true" sono so we were more then ready to get an update. So here is the tale of the tape:

Logan: 2 pounds 1 ounce (and by FAR the most difficult to measure, he has nestled himself right up against mommies cervix)

Elizabeth: 2 pounds 3 ounces - The heaviest, though as to not give her a complex we will call her the "most healthy"

Madison - 2 pounds 2 ounces - She kinda hangs out in the penthouse suite enjoying all her extra space and checking out the view

Along with three good looking babies the cervix also looked pretty good. Measuring around 2 cm its been around the same since we checked in for the second stay so all in all it looks pretty good. It has been such a crazy ride but honestly I think AJ may try to set a record for length of carrying triplets. We may need to start looking into colleges by the time they get out of there! I guess that may be a little long, but we are very excited to be where we are today given the fact 6 weeks ago we were told we wouldn't make it through the week. Its amazing what a little prayer and determination can do!

A little update from the weight gaining department. AJ has still only gained 26 pounds, not even close to our 70 pound goal. This really isn't too big of a deal at this point, as long as the babies are growing they are not too concerned about the mothers weight. And a big reason for the lack of weight gain is the early bed rest, she is basically losing all her muscle at this point and the babies are eating up the few calories she is able to consume during the day. I think she may end up weighing less after the babies are born then she did before she got pregnant. Of course she won't be able to walk up a flight of stairs due to muscle loss, but hey you can't have it all.

A friend of ours has a friend that likes to take pictures and she offered to come up and take some belly shots of AJ this last week. Thanks so much Sarah! AJ really loves how the pictures turned out and she really enjoyed getting out of bed for more than 3 minutes. Here are a just a couple of the pictures:

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, please keep it up. Hopefully won't be much to report for the next week so I will send out another update after next weeks sono.


Stephanie said...

What a great update!
SO wonderful to hear what prayer can do!!
I LOVE the pics too...I have seen some of the other multiple mommas do that name pic, and I think thats such a great and creative idea!!
Keep up the god work!!

fourbabies4us said...

Great job AJ!! Keep those babies in as long as you can! Won't be too long and bedrest will be a distant memory replaced by a sleep deprived fog.
The belly shots are gorgeous. I think they look like they belong in an art gallery or photography book. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are doing so well. I will keep sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Mary D

Lindsay said...

Such beautiful pictures AJ. What a priceless treasure! I am glad to hear a GREAT update. Way to go... keep growing those babies. I laughed when Brandon said Madison is hanging out in the Penthouse Suite enjoying the view! What a smart girl, she claimed the best spot right away! So cute little Logan says he'll take the bottom, where things are safe. Elizabeth is the mediator, taking the middle, being different from the others. Oh, such personality already! I am ecstatic you are at 26+ weeks. You are so blessed to be able to beat all the odds. Love ya, Lindsay F. from MI

jag said...

These are great! I never got around to the professional belly shots, but I wish I had. I know you will treasure these always!

Sabrina said...

I am so glad you updated us, I was wondering how you guys were doing. Those pictures are awesome, that was very nice of your friend to come out and do for you guys. Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Sarah too those for you! You will cherish them FOREVER!!
Cant wait til tuesday night!! I feel like i havent seen you in a long time. XOXO

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

Yeah Amy Jo for the good reports and good work--"doing nothing" is hard work! The pictures are so cute. Hang in there--all this bedrest will quickly be forgotten once the babies are here. I was on bedrest for 12 weeks--you can do it! Continuing to pray for you!

Misty said...

Those pictures are wonderful! What great weights on those babies. I need to come see you if you are up to!
I'll email you later,

BoufMom9 said...

What fantastic weights on your babies!
I know all about muscle loss on bedrest. UGH! It is so very hard to be on bedrest, but so worth it in the end.
AJ is doing so so so well.
Keep up the prayers and faith and you will soon be holding those beautiful babies!

Jon and Tiffany said...

You are doing a great job baking those babies. They are gaining weight!!! Wow!! They are going to be big babies:) Keep up the great work. I love your black and white pictures.

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