Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Come and get em...

We are working on an update, below are some pictures to tide you over. Prepare for picture overload...

Lizy doing the "Dragon" to herself in the mirror. The "Dragon" is a thing Lizy and Madi do, basically they snort through their nose like a dragon. Hilarious I tell you, and Lizy doing it in the mirror here was great.

Teething? Who's teething?

Ok so its not easy to see but that is the swing strap Lizy is chewing on. They hang down and both girls attack when they see them.

Lizy standing tall.

What Mom? Never seen babies crawl down the hall before? We'll be good we promise, he he he!

Logan hanging out under the loudest baby toy you have ever heard. When we fire this bad boy up our neighbors call to complain.

This seems innocent enough, until you realize Lizy has Madi pinned against the couch. You would like to think this was an accident, but I don't think it was.

Thanks Lizy the couch looked a little to dry.

Ok so what you can't see, Logan is laying in the boppy Madi is standing on. We break this toy out and the girls attack Logan, not sure why but it happens pretty close to every time.

Logan just kicking back to enjoy a good book.

The greatest Christmas gifts ever, not the toys, the boxes. Girls had a blast with these until they decided to start eating them and we had to take them away.

I know I dropped something else under here, now where did it go.

Like I said every time this toy shows up the girls attack. Here they decide to give Logan double trouble.

I don't think she had this sippy cup thing figured out just yet.

Hey Lizy you missed a spot there is still a dry area by Madi's head.

Ya this is not going well at all.

Girls hanging out.

Lizy doing the "Dragon". Honestly they do this back and forth like its their own personal form of communication, it NEVER stops being funny.

Logan's big smile.


Yes still teething.

I wish I could say we posed them like this but they actually ended up this way.

Pretty sure this picture only made the cut because Madi is wearing boys clothes and Mommy thought she looked "oh so cute".

Girl talk, I wish I could translate but it sounds like babble to me, when Madison is talking it is high pitch screaming.

Logan was forced to wear a sweater, lets just say I owe him one.

Busted! Lizy caught behind the Lazy-Boy finding trouble.

Madi helping Logan in the jumper.

Again not posed.

Classic Lizy face, always into something.

Naked Madi!

"Eyes they help us see our friends" Elmo singing to Lizy.

Madi most likely watching some Baby Crack.....errr I mean Praise Baby.

So the swing still calms Logan down so we keep it around, as you can see it continues to work.

Escaping into Mommy and Daddy's bedroom.

Mommy, we don't know how the toy got tipped over. Maybe Blue did it?

Look closely and you can see the Logan spit up on the back of Lizy's head. The funny part is this was at our Developmental Pediatrician appointment and AJ would not clean her until she snapped like 5 pictures. Poor Lizy didn't know what hit her, literally had no idea.

Look at those eyes, how could you say no?



Kaity said...

Love these pictures! Whats hilarious is that a good portion of those things happened within the few hours i was there the other night. minus the spit up on madi's head. And instead of chewing on the bottom of sippy cups they chewed on the bottom of their bottles! i just love those babies!!!!!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love these pics!!! They are all so precious!!!!! Love Logan in the sweater! We'll have to get him a for deal man outfit to make up for it!!! Love you AJ!

Anonymous said...

Those toys look so familiar! So do the "im not doing anything faces". STINKERS!!!!!
LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!
That Lizy, man she is going to be trouble :) I recognize that face, its REID'S

TwinsanityMom said...

I just want to eat them up!!! I can't believe they are going to be 1 soon!!

PS. Hubby is going to TX sometime later this year. Don't know the details or where in TX even but if it is close to you all the kids and I might be tagging along. :) I'll keep you posted.

E. Merritt said...

I love all the pictures. I know I've said it before, but our babies seem to be at the same pace developmentally and playing with the exact same toys. It's crazy to think there is another family out there doing exactly what we're doing on daily basis.