Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am now a little man Mama…

Brandon has been on me for a very long time to get Logan a haircut, I just LOVE his curls and could not bring myself to do it.  I finally agreed this weekend as we are constantly cleaning his hair from spit up or puke, plus his hair is caught in his bib every time we eat.

I had made the decision this past Wednesday however I told Brandon Saturday when I was completely sure I was going to be okay with it.  I took A LOT of pictures, close to 70 of just him getting his hair cut.  I won’t post all of them but here are a few.  There are a few before pictures to show how long his hair was.


Happy Logan with all his gorgeous hair.

 20100730_0019 20100730_0044

See Mama it’s ok, my hair is a mess

20100731_0104 20100731_0106 20100731_0121 20100731_0131 20100731_0134 20100731_0143 20100731_0146

They even got to see the Logan pout…poor Mr. Man does not like the trimmer

20100731_0157 20100731_0158 20100731_0164 20100731_0169

I no longer have my baby boy, he is officially a little man.


Lizy look what they’re doing to brother

20100731_0173 20100731_0179 20100731_0189 20100731_0233


And it is official with certificate and all.


Love to all!



TwinsanityMom said...

Oh he is soooo cute!! I love the way they styled it too! :)

Kari said...

What a handsome little man!

Stephanie said...

Oh how precious!!!
He looks so cute!!!

Jenni said...

He is such a cutie!!!

The Cochran Crew said...

How stinking cute!!!!! Love the faces he made and the way the girls wrer looking at him! Love ya!

Emily Guest said...

i love the girls he had but he is so adorable with the short hair and curls on top!! :)

Jennie said...

So handsome! I loved his curls too but he's got a super cool hair-do! :) Landon's is just about getting ready to cut too!