Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pool Time in April, New Phone for Mama

Before the nasty weather hit in April we had our small pool up enjoying the beautiful weather.  I even was brave and took the kids in it by myself, something I thought I would not do for years.  We found the perfect pool for our yard and to fit Logan’s bath chair, the girls, as well as Brandon and myself.  All three kids love being in the water so let’s pray the weather starts cooperating soon so we can get back out there.

The bad part of this day, April 18th, is as I was throwing anything I could find for the girls to play with in the pool I somehow picked up my phone and threw it in as well!!!  I wish I could have seen myself react to hearing the phone hit the water.  I felt my heart drop to the ground and I swear I never moved so quickly in my life.  I tried for a day and a half to revive my poor helpless phone with no success and was very lucky to have Brandon’s plan be up for a renewal so I could get a new iPhone.  I need to say one more time – THANK YOU so very much Brandon.  I still feel so bad for not thinking or realizing what was going on. 

Now that I have that off my chest here are the photos from the pool day, not the greatest pictures, but still proof we were in the water.

Cheese Lizy

Madison getting used to the water

Girls in pool 2

Logan so happy to have his bath chair in the water

Happy Logan pool

I’m thinking the girls enjoyed the pool A LOT

jump jump

Go Logan Go…

Logan in pool

The girls were terrifying me with trying to swim under the water, not so funny to Mama.

pool play

Here I go again Mommy….weeeeee

swimming lizy

Lots of love  ~ Amy-Jo


Charity Donovan said...

Yay for a new phone! Nice plan! hee! hee! i kid, i kid! Adorable pics! Where did you find the pool! I need to get one of those ASAP!!! =)

Amy-Jo said...

Char, the pool is from TRU and was only $30! We love it although I do have to clean it after it's used and I bought a hand skimmer for it :).

Anonymous said...

If it's not too late, you might try putting the phone in a container of rice for a week or so. I've heard of this reviving several phones, as the rice absorbs the water.

Stephanie said...

We have that same pool!!
Looks like its going to be a great summer with the Sathers!! :)

Rachel said...

Your little girls are so cute they look like they had a great time. From Rachel