Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our little man

Since last November Brandon and I had been going back and forth with something we consider major regarding Logan.  Is this going to help him or set him back even further? When Logan gets sick he always has a set back of a month and sometimes longer, last November after his adenoid surgery it was a lot longer.  He lost two pounds which may not seem like much, however for someone that is down to 20 pounds and never gains it back it is huge.  I have made myself absolutely sick with every possible positive and negative outcome with this scenario and Brandon and I decided in May we had no other choice but to have a Gastrostomy tube or g-tube placed in Logan for extra feeding.

I know I need to keep doing what is best for Logan but in the back of my mind as his Mom I think I will always have that what if thought.  I HATE that he had a surgery, it kills me to think we put him through that.  He was terrified of it at first when we started using it so much so I was ready to go back and have it removed.  Logan has always been motivated and thrived so if it were to change that to me it would not be worth it.  Thankfully he is better and likes to “help” hold the tube for his bolus feeds.

He has had to go back in once to have some granulation tissue removed, I am very thankful for a fellow Quad Mom Jamie Barnes that has helped to put me at ease and walk me through my fears. 

June 2nd he had the surgery and had a very rough recovery, poor little man had a bad day from the start with the IV attempts.  They ended up putting in his IV after his happy medicine and laugh gas, we never have an easy time with his veins but he fought that morning just a little extra.  When Logan is not happy the entire building will be sure to know and they did as soon as he woke up, his IV was infiltrated which did not help and starting a new one was a fun task for everyone involved.  We felt bad for all the nurses because any time someone in blue came near him he would freak out and even though his nurse we had after we were in the room was AMAZING he was terrified of her……………We interrupt this Amy-Jo post for the below BRANDON POST.  That’s right I am back off my self imposed hiatus to finish this blog which has been over a month in the making.  I stayed with Mr. Logan in the hospital, and I’m thankful it was me and not AJ.  See here is the thing, he HATES having is Blood Pressure checked and for those who have been in the hospital over night this happens every 4 hours.  Well unless I’m there for you, after the 8 PM check (which was 30 min after he fell asleep for the first time) and he threw up all over the bed, me and the nurse, I put an end to the little routine checks.  See the thing is no Doc or Nurse has EVER got his BP, so waking him up (which you do not do, ever) and then trying is just a dumb a$$ idea.  I told the nurse I would see her in the AM and she is not to come back unless I call for her.  That’s how you get a solid 8 hours sleep in a hospital, so the nurses hate me I got to sleep.

Flash forward to present day (July 7th) and we have a very nice reminder as to why we got the G-Tube.  All three kids and AJ are sick, I mean crazy stupid high fever sick.  I mean its 100+ outside and the whole house is inside with cold/cough/fever’s, what gives?  But anyway in the past this is when Logan’s stubbornness he gets from his mother kicks in and he decides not to eat or take any meds.  But AHHA! we have our secret weapon and it has been AWSOME!!!!  Food, check.  Medicine on command, check.  We probably needed this little reminder as to why we had him get the G-Tube but its been great.  Hopefully, he will continue to thrive and with the extra calories begin to gain some weight.

The rest of the crew is doing well and maybe AJ will guilt me into another blog to catch up on the other happenings in the Sather home.  I meant with three 2 year olds it has been soooooo boring.  I’ll just leave you with this little tease, when a two year old says “faker” it can only be blogging gold.

Here are some photos in case you are curious.

Bright and early in the morning, Logan was not so happy to be woken up until my phone came out, smile for momma.

SO happy before surgery

Every nurse was in awe of Logan so far, they had yet to hear his screams.  I love my happy little man, so does Daddy.

waiting to be checked in

Happy juice, Logan was talking to the fish on the ceiling and who knows what else, they need to hand this out to parents for their children to get through the rough days ;-).

Logan likes his happy juice

Recovery for Logan was not so great he wanted to turn blue on us a few times which is actually normal for us.  The surgery went well, the IV was infiltrated and this is Logan on a lot of pain meds waiting for a second IV to be placed…FUN, not so much.

with daddy after surgery

Poor buggy, breaking my heart looking back through these.  I took photos so the grandparents can see what is going on because they are all far away.  Logan wanted to switch between Brandon and I about every 45 minutes.

Logan after surgery

Finally in Logans room he is calm until anyone in blue walks in, I think nurses need to wear fun colors from now on.  It was already a very long day and not even half over.

sad doodle with momma

A glimpse of his “new tummy” that is how we chose to tell the girls about it and why they have to be extra careful. 

new tummy

Time with Daddy, I could watch Logan relax and sleep all day long, all of my children…just precious.

Poor bubba after surgery

There is that darn new IV that still gave him problems…GRRR!!!!

second iv

The start of the nasty granulation tissue we had to have removed.  The surgeon told me if it continues to reoccur I will be removing it, umm no thank you I will be more than happy to drive to your office.  I removed some dead skin after the fact and that was enough.  Logan screamed louder than ever in that office and I cannot do that to him.

Logan granulation tissue

This is nothing compared to what the surgeon removed, this is just after the fact…yuck.  Oh yeah I did have to share.

dead skin mommy removed

Loves! The Sather Family


Anonymous said...

Hugs little man! Hope this helps with weight! We struggled with this decision for Phoenix, but it ended up being one of the best things for him!

Rebecka Vigus said...

You all deserve some kind of metal for getting through this. Looking for some kind of trophy for Logan. Hugs to you all. Love you.