Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids were more in to Halloween this year and it was a lot of fun. We had fun with our dress up clothes and costumes before the big day.  My Nana was here helping out on the big day to enjoy the fun with the kids.

Madison trying on some dress up…she is still so tiny!


Practicing for the big day, gorgeous girls.


Logan loves hats and the girls wanted to share, sorry buddy.


Madison loves the Cinderella dress. Elizabeth as Ariel, and Logan just being his handsome self.


Pumpkin carving time!!!  This year they did not cry…woohoo!


Sharing my favorite part with my favorite girls, gooey fun!


Lizy scraping out the guts…girl has some talent already.


Snow White (Mommy’s favorite) and Princess Aurora, love their faces and the happiness here.


The cutest Thomas I ever did see.


The final decision…trick or treat time.


Family 2011 Halloween

We have been extremely busy lately and time seems to just pass us by.  I have so much to update on and hope (crossing my fingers) to have another post this week.

Loves ~ Amy-Jo

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Joan R. said...

They are so just so cute and you did a great job on your pumpkin! Everyone looked like they had fun. One of my favorite holidays!