Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

Sure has been a while since the last update and things in our house have been crazy as usual.  I will try to work backwards and hopefully get a few posts in here soon. 

I must include these photos of the little ones helping decorate the tree this year. This was the first time they have helped and the magic it added to the season just warmed my heart.

It always starts with dancing in our house Smile


Taking turns with the first 10-15 ornaments, we were very impressed.


The girls ALWAYS make sure Logan gets his turn, it amazes me at how well they are at this. Hoping this continues for a long long time


Good job buggy!


Every year we celebrate Christmas Eve as we would if we were home in Michigan and open our name exchange gifts, money boxes and gifts from Great Grandma Begley.  All three kids were so into Christmas this year just to watch their faces was a gift to me.  The joy they have for the little things and their innocence is amazing and we are trying to remind ourselves of that with all their little tricks they try. 


Daddy bartering with Logan on his money box…Lizy ended up with it and she won the big money Winking smile


Love the concentration when Logan opens a gift. I would buy him something everyday just to watch if I could.


My handsome little man…holding my heart


Madi Belle, what did you get?


No clue why Logan, is laughing who knows what goes on between those two boys.


Logan does not let anyone touch his Chuggington computer, he will see you in the other room and scream…beware.


The girls favorite dolls and clothes from Great Grandma Begley. They crack me up and call them blue eyes and brown eyes, working on actual names.


If I would have been recording instead here, trying to take a final photo with Hohoho (our elf) before he leaves to see Santa when he delivers presents.  Elizabeth lost it.  I started talking about Triple H (Brandons name for him) leaving since he arrived and she still wanted nothing to do with it.  We still today, February 12th talk about Hohoho!!!


The best I could do with all of them, Madison and Logan can only we thinking Elizabeth is absolutely insane.


Christmas Eve night had us worried because the kids understood everything this year.  The girls were great at going to sleep and staying in their beds because I terrified them that Santa would put sand in their stocking…they do not know what coal is. Logan, well he is a completely other story.  Logan understood and was beyond thrilled to say the least.  Little man was in bed more excited than I have ever seen him.  If you know Logan and his excited noise he makes, he was doing that but multiply it by 100!!!  Hyper tone was in full force and there was no stopping him.  We had to wait until he wore himself out.  Precious as ever however it made for a long evening.

Christmas morning was so much fun, Logan got a little truck in his stocking and wanted nothing after that so Brandon and I opened most of his gifts with Logan assisting once in a while.  The girls were thrilled.  I like order and taking turns and thankfully the girls were on board with that still this year for the most part.  We had a blast and relaxed and even had some outdoor fun. Here are some photos, I will post a video and some additional photos another time. 

Stockings, one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning.


Daddy showing Logan his new light up sword…FUN!



Yay a princess book!


Logan with his truck, it’s the little things.


Mommy I’m a beautiful princess.  Yes, yes you are Lizy Bear.


Me too Mommy, yes little bit you too.


Until next time.

All our love ~ Amy-Jo


Anonymous said...

Great to see you posting again. I'm a lurker from overseas and just have to say that you have incredibly beautiful children! Especially the girls will be sought after because of their looks in years to come - such beauties!
Also such fun to see Logan being all boy amidst all of the pink! Trucks and swords...
Thanks for sharing!

kimybeee said...

so glad you are back - i was afraid somebody was sick! i even tried to find you on fb to check on you guys. i am just a longtime follower - don't even remember how i found your blog.

those babies are so cute! i can't see logan without smiling - he is adorable...and those girls are absolutely beautiful!

Eunice Johnson said...

What beautiful children you have - they are adorable. Glad you had a good Christmas - looks like the children really enjoyed themselves!