Saturday, May 5, 2012

Growing Up Too Fast

The beginning of March everyone started some form of school. Logan started PPCD, preschool program for children with disabilities, and the girls started preschool three days a week going all day! What is a mama to do with all that time? Shower and start a load of laundry then go get Mr Logan :).

We were nervous how Logan would act at first going in with all the change but he showed everyone how happy he was and that he could handle anything. Little did we know he would be more upset leaving least the first week. Luckily for me he is napping better because he is worn out after the few hours he is away. During his spring break the girls still had school which he did not understand why the girls were able to go play with their friends and he could not go to his school. Broke my heart every time he cried, along with the girls teacher.

We are so lucky with Logans school, I LOVE the school, administration, the TEACHERS, the nurse, the kids, the parents, everyone. I feel at peace every day knowing he is safe and that if needed he will be taken care of and loved on. His speech is getting awesome. I cannot stress how proud I am of my son. It brings tears to my eyes typing this just seeing how far he has progressed in the past two months. I am the luckiest Mom in the Universe to have been blessed with all my children and to see Logans smiling face every day.

As for the girls, the are doing FABULOUS!!! It is absolutely great seeing both of them get out of their shell. Madison still has Elizabeth there and may need to be separated down the road however she is showing so much progress once she is in unfamiliar situations after a few minutes. They knew their colors and letters and now they are learning to use them in different ways along with new songs. We are working on showing Daddy their songs and it is hilarious, the videos are too much and hopefully I will get some without screaming soon.

Everyone was sick most of March and Brandon and I are finally over it. Croup and respiratory issues for the kiddos. Sinus, cold, and bronchitis for Mommy and sinus for Daddy...F.U.N!

We are starting a new therapy group at home and have speech and OT, they currently do not have a PT available which Logan needs badly. We are looking in other places for a PT to come to the house so I do not have to drag the girls anywhere and leave them alone while I take Logan in. We were so lucky with our ECI therapists and I wish so much I could go get them all and they could live with us. We miss them everyday and the girls ask if Logan is going to have his "fairy"...precious. I told him the other day that his new Miss Kellye was coming and he was so excited, pretty sure he took that as Miss Kellye was actually coming to the house. He is okay with new people however not nearly as comfortable with the therapists that have been with him for 2.5 years. Did I mention we love and miss his and the girls old therapists dearly?!

The preschool Madison and Elizabeth are in is AMAZING!!!!!  I do not think it is possible for them to be happier.  They sing us new songs every week and always have new art to hang in the house.  They are growing up too quickly, as much as I love watching them learn new things I want them to snuggle up with me and be little forever.

First day of school and the best we could get

Logan was so excited!

Taking Logan in first, so sad for me especially when he cried as we were walking out :(

Madi Belle is wondering when she is going to get to her school

Picking Logan up...Yay!!!!

He had a fabulous first day and was such a big boy

Hey Mama, why don't you quit taking photos and get me in this seat a little better.

More to come very very soon.

xoxo ~ Amy-Jo

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