Monday, September 15, 2008

Doctor Visit

Hello everyone, thank you for the food suggestions! We went to the Perinatologist today (high risk doctor) and everything was wonderful. They did talk to us about reducing to two as four babies with two being identical is such a high risk, but there is no way we could do that. Mostly they wanted to talk with us about the risk and what roll they will play in our pregnancy. We spent about 2 hours with the doctor making sure we knew there is a long road ahead. We will not be seeing the doctor again for another two weeks and after that we willl be going every other week. The good news is he said I will be on bed rest by Christmas so less work for me!

We saw all four babies and their heartbeats again today, it is so amazing. They were all dancing a jig and became more active as the sonographer moved around. It's seeing them move like this that made the decision not to reduce and easy one. To us the babies are alive and already part of our family, how could we choose to get rid of two of them. Thankfully the doctor did not push the issue and just gave us a strategy for getting the babies here as healthy as possible. He did mention I can keep my calories at about 3500 so this should help keep the food nazi (Brandon) off my back.

I think my cold is just about gone, I just wish this morning sickness would follow suit. I am feeling extremely tired and just taking a shower is exhausting, I know it seems extreme, however it is the truth. All of this is more than worth it to have our four little miracles. We are so excited for what is to come and we could not be happier. Please keep us and the babies in your prayers, you can never have enough.


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy-Jo & Brandon,
You have our prayers and all of our friends are also saying prayers for the six of you. Everything will be fine, all of you will be well and happy, happy. Know that we love you all so very much. It is so exciting to here all about what is going on with the babies and see your little stomach. Thank you so much for sharing this magical time with us. We are thinking of you all every moment.
love you all----Nana & Papa

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you today, i was actually up at presby!
I am glad you had a good appointment. I am also glad you guys made the decision you did. It is a personal decision and different fro everyone but for us, reduction wasnt an option. And now i have four healthy kiddos :) You will too!
You will have to let me know if you said hi to patton and rinehart for me?
I was in the hospital at christmas, its not bad. Dont worry i will come visit you :) And 4 north (where you will be) the nurses are AMAZING and all became my friends, you will love them.

Anonymous said...

Here is a suggestion for a food with calories...

pretzels filled with peanut butter - I love them, Rick not so much.

I'm so glad the doctor visit went well. I miss you and love you.

Mom (Dena)

Anonymous said...

Hi AJ, Brandon, and babies to be!!
Just thought I could help with the calories, here are some suggestions of foods tht are hi in calories:
Trail Mix with chocolet chips, nuts, and seeds.
Baked Beans with Franks.
Rasins-1 cup =520 calories.
Cheese sause
Potato Salad
Oatmeal- 1/2 cup is 150 calories
I will try to find more and send.
Take care,stay healthy, and we are all thinking of you and those precious little ones.
Love, Johnnie Sue

Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh Amy-Jo. I just had lunch with Jason and Margie and the let me know about the great news. Congratulations and best wishes. You should check out (the nest) if you haven't already. It's helped me out tremendously and I believe there is a forum for multiples too.