Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glimpse into the Future

Well AJ pretty much eats and sleeps at this point, so until further notice it looks like everyone will have to lean on me for the updates. She started to write everyone last night, but got one sentence in and'd think she was pregnant with 4 babies or something. She is starting to feel better though, but last Friday and Saturday were the worst two days in a long time. All the weight she was able to put on was pretty much gone after two days of not keeping anything down. We had to cancel a dinner with our friends for like the third time (sorry Tara, Steven and Paige) but it looks like it could have been a turning point. Since Sunday she has been able to put down some pretty good size meals and right now is all about steak and potato's.

Anyway we were fortunate to get a small peak into what awaits us this week when a local couple our doctors introduced us to had us over to meet their Quads (Thanks Robbie and Casey!). We threw a million questions at them and they had all kinds of advice for us, which it's nice to have someone who has been through the same thing guide you along the way. The real eye opener for me was noticing their counter full of formula (36 bottles I believe) and having Casey tell me it was only for 9 DAYS! 4 bottle of formula a day, and that is not even counting the jars of baby food. Mostly it was nice to see you can make it work and still have a normal life (well semi normal I suppose, I mean its 4 kids!). They did give us a great tip on how we can stock up on diapers (this was my plan from the beginning, basically fill up a spare bedroom before all the babies get home but I was told not to as you do not know what will work for each baby, etc) it turns out Wal-Mart takes anything back even without a receipt as long as it is a brand they carry. So now its time for my weekly trips to Wal-Mart to stock up on those diapers! I am going to leave a link to Robbie and Casey's web site as soon as AJ makes sure they don't mind. Its kind of like a look into whats to come, careful though she has had hers going for awhile and the first time AJ and I stumbled on to it we were there for about an hour reading.

Casey and Robbie's blog:

We see the doctors Friday and Monday so we will give an update next week. We should hopefully have some new sonogram pictures and I will make AJ show off that belly again. We have been asked a few times about the sex's of the babies and we won't know for about 7 more weeks. But just for fun here are some % for you.

2 boys 2 girls - 25%
3 boys 1 girl - 25%
3 girls 1 boy - 25%
All Girls - 12.5%
All Boys - 12.5%

AJ thinks its 2 and 2, I am all but certain it will end up being 4 girls.


Lindsay Francuck said...

I love this blog so I can stay updated! I hope Amy-Jo is hanging in there! It is great to have other friends who have quads too! That's some crazy stuff! I thought my little man kept me busy enough but now I am thinking not so much. I am so happy for you two, or should I say six! Mark down each week as you go, you are closer and closer to your little ones!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! Let the diaper stocking up begin! You are at the turning point Amy, i promise, you will feel better soon!
Cant wait to see you guys again soon and hear how the next doc appointment goes! GROW BABIES! And way to go Brandon for bring the enforcer, as much as i hate to admit it to Robbie, I NEEDED IT!

Jenica said...

This is such a great way for all of us to hear how you're doing without having to bug you about it. Eventually the "morning sickness" should end, and then there will be all of the other interesting things that will happen while you're pregnant. Enjoy it! It's so exciting to see and feel the babies growing and changing inside of you.

Anonymous said...

hi amy jo and brandon (: i just wanted to tell you both congratulations and i hope everything goes well for you and the babies ! take care.

your cousin, kali =]