Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Back

Okay so after a week off I finally have time to get back to the blog. I thought since the phone calls were starting to pour in making sure we were okay and wondering where the update was I should get back to it.

We were back in Michigan last week and getting back into the groove has taken a little longer then I thought. Amy-Jo is looking forward to a few days off to relax and catch up on some sleep. We were down in the Detroit are for a friends wedding, Amy-Jo was actually in the wedding which meant for a long day. She wouldn't have missed it for the world, so the big thing was that she take it easy, she tried her best but in the end I had to force her to leave. After all day without me around to force her to eat and drink water, she ended up getting dehydrated and once the foot craps kicked in I forced her to leave. Jen you should know she went kicking and screaming, she did not want to leave but even with the 4 babies I am still bigger then her so I got my way. The trip was fun and to the family and friends we were able to see it was great to catch up, for all those we missed we apologize but we just ran out of hours in the day. That coupled with the strict doctor orders that AJ take it easy and not try to do everything, meant we couldn't see everyone we wanted. It was sad because we know its our last trip home for a couple years. It is going to be awhile before we are brave enough, and the babies are able, to make the road trip. It should be said though any family or friends brave enough to make the trip and help out with the babies are welcome anytime. Hell you don't even really need to tell us your coming, we'll be here, just show up and don't where nice clothes. Everyone who enters gets a baby as a door prize, its yours to take care of for your entire visit....just kidding....sort of.

We had another doctor appointment today, which meant another sonogram (all the sonogram's make us the envy of any mom pregnant with just one baby). I will post the pics this weekend, but the babies are getting bigger they range from 6.35 - 7.10 cm. So big may be relative but since they were only specs on a screen a few weeks ago I would say this is big. We were begging the docs to look at the sex's but its just too early. The doctor said to tell a boy this early means he would have to be a very "gifted" boy, doctors words not mine, so apperntly no future world record holders in the bunch. We are hoping to find out in 2 weeks but even then we may be just a little too early. Those who know me are aware of my total lack of patience so the not knowing is driving me crazy. The important thing is all the babies look healthy and are growing on schedule. Speaking of growing, it seems like every 4 days AJ's belly doubles in size. The doctor did an unscientific evaluation of AJ's size and said she is about where a single pregnancy would be at around 23 weeks (she is ending her 13th).

While at the hospital we stopped by the NICU where the babies and us are going to be spending several weeks once they finally arrive. The nurses we met all were very nice and the facility seems very good. You obviously would prefer the babies not need the NICU, but we know they will need it so its good to stop in and get comfortable with it now. I couldn't seem to find the area with all the flat screens for watching football, but maybe they just skipped that portion of the tour. No bar either, I mean what kind of place is this anyway?

So I was not able to get the video up last week but I think I finally have it figured out, I will give it a shot tomorrow and hopefully have it up and running this weekend. I promise the updates will be on time from now, I might even wake Amy-Jo up from a nap one of these days and make her write one.


Anonymous said...

Brandon, where to start. It was like reading my husbands words, yall are very similar ITS SCARY! Very funny.
Love the door prize comment, can totally relate. I mean, if the fed ex guy knocked whiel i needed help at times, i think i would have handed one to him :)
Way to go policing AJ
Amy Jo, you are doing great, grow baby grow. Let that belly all hang out!!! I PROMISE you will feel better soon. This week coming up, i bet you feel A LOT better. That is when it turned for me. The gifted comment had to be Patton's, have you met Rineheart yet? If you ever need anyone to go with you, i would love to go, if brandon cant. :) i would love to relive the moment. Shoot mine have teeth and one is crawling, they grow up FAST!!
And sorry for the lack of bar at NICU, if there is ever a place in the world that needed one, that woudl be it. The only alcohol there is in the GALLONS of sanitizer that will become your best friend. Its not so scary, best place my babies could have ever been, and the nurses there are amazing! I will tell you my favorites.
Enough of the comment-novel i have created :) See you guys soon, i hope :)

Misty said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is still going well and the trip went great. I agree with Casey, getting to the 14,15th week was a great relief. I will say that by the end, I was as big around as I am tall.
And good for you Brandon for staying on top of the food & water intake. I called my hubby the Food Nazi (though I was secretly loving it~ don't tell him!)
Talk to ya soon,
MOM to gggg quads 23month

Anonymous said...

Hello to the super six,
Thanks for the new pictures, they all look great. I'm with Brandon, can't wait to see what they are, hope for you two, they are two and two. I can just imagine what is going on in your heads about now. Names, colors, clothes, dippers. lol Brandon, you are doing such a great job taking care of our "little angel" You six take care.
all our love---Nana & Papa

Anonymous said...

Amy Jo and Brandon -
I love the blog! I feel so special for making an appearance on your blog! I feel horrible if you were beat - I would not have been offended at all if you left sooner!!! You were a tropper! Thanks again for everything. I hope you had fun and it was great to see you!