Monday, October 13, 2008

Sonogram 12.5 Weeks

Okay so here are the pics from our sonogram on Friday. Pretty cool to see them start to stretch out. The OCD twins (baby A and B) are a little smaller then the other two, but everyone is growing on schedule. They range from about 6.3 CM to 7.1 CM.

Those of you who have been waiting on the video of the sonogram will be disappointed to know I have given up trying. Apparently its much harder to get something from a DVD to the internet than I thought and I have spent too many hours trying. So technology 1 brandon 0.

Baby A (One of the identical twins)

Baby B (One of the identical twins)

Baby C

Baby D


Anonymous said...

They look great you guys!!
Also, I hope you dont mind, if you have a counter on your site you probably noticed many many hits lately :) I put you guys on my blog roll. Let the blog lurking begin :)
Cant wait to see you guys soon. I cant wait too to find out what you are having.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! PS...I love the blog! Give Amy Jo a hug for me!

Anonymous said...

Amy Jo you look absolutely beautiful. Christine keeps me posted when there is a new blog to check out. I have been following along since the beginning. Just got back last night from Michigan (GO GREEN!Holy Toledo what happened to that other team from MI!), neede to catch up on the latest info. We are praying for you, Brandon and the babies for all of you to be healthy (Brandon-you two-because you need to be preparing all those delicious foods for Amy to be eating-what I wouldn't give for a doctor to tell me to eat more!). God bless you all. Joanne (Christine's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Hi SUPER six,
I loved the pictures of ALL of you Amy-Jo. You are so beautiful, nothing as pretty as a lady in waiting. I think I heard that in an old movie, but it is the truth. The babies are beautiful also and growing so fast. Hope you are over the M. sickness. Thanks again Brandon for all the up dates. All of you take care.
all our love---Nana & Papa

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to finally see all of Amy Jo. You are just glowing and look beautiful. Brandon you are doing such a good job writing the blogs, thanks for keeping Michigan informed. It is great to know the babies are doing fine. The 6 of you are in our toughts and prayers, take care and keep eating!!!!
Love ya,
Johnnie Sue and Kenny