Tuesday, December 16, 2008

22 weeks and counting

Okay so I still haven't gotten to the Ambien post I have been promising but I will get working on it and hopefully get it up later this week. Turns out even though I am stuck in a hospital room I am not as bored as I thought I would be.

Anyway lots to talk about, but I will try to be brief. We had our weekly sono yesterday, everything looked very good. The babies are growing as they should and AJ's cervix actually lengthened a little to 1.9 cm (up from 1.25 the week prior). The doctor also put AJ on a toco monitor for a few hours today to keep track of her contractions. She has been noticing a few a day, but the fear has been she was having many more and just not noticing. So the results on that came back pretty favorable as well, she had very little activity while on the monitor which made us all breathe a little easier.

For all the local folks who come to visit we have moved rooms, only right next door but still moved. We moved into a larger suite room which has a lot more room for food, clothes and other goodies. It even has a recliner for me to sit in, not the best recliner in the world but its kinda like if you ate broccoli every day for a month and then someone gave you a carrot, its not pizza but it tastes so good.

Quick random thought. AJ is watching Marry Poppins right now and I am doing my best to ignore it, but just noticed something I found weird. If she has the power to snap and the kids clothes will fold, bed will be made or room picked up why does she have to snap on every side of the room? Why can't she just snap once and the magic works for the whole room? I mean how can your magic be so selective to only work on one side of the room at at time? Seems like a waste of a perfectly good tool.

Also, our dog Blue was able to make a trip to the hospital last weekend. For anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Blue you know what a crazy time that was. He did sit long enough for me to snap a couple pictures, I attached one to the bottom. For those who haven't met Blue he is a full blood mutt. The mom was a Scottish Terrier, we have no idea what his Dad was but I am sure he was a mutt. He is very friendly and very high energy, also he loves to give kisses as AJ would say. I also through in a picture of calm moment at home just for fun, this is where he goes when he is ready for bed. This really did make Amy-Jo's day so we will have to try and get him up here again soon.

Anyway, just want to thank both my Mom and Amy-Jo's Mom for staying with us the last couple of weeks. They were both great and I don't know if AJ could have done it without the two of you.

Crap AJ just found out that Marry Poppins the musical will be in Dallas next October. I am now taking volunteers to go in my place. Tickets are on me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy-Jo, Brandon,babies, & Blue,
Good news again and love the pictures. So glad you have a Christmas tree in the room. Such a magicial season and one that A.J. loves as we all do.Know the prayers are going nonstop. Keep the faith and talk with you all tomorrow.
love and hugs---Nana & Papa

Misty said...

Yeah!!!! 22weeks is awesome! And I'm so happy that you got into the bigger room. I know ya'll were hoping too. That is so nice that they let your dog come visit. I know how hard it is wiht the animals.
You are doing so awesome!
Keep it up! I'll come visit soon.

Amanda Shaul said...

I was getting a little worried, but I assumed no news was good news. Happy to hear that everything is rocking along. What a cute dog, I am just wondering how you pulled that one off! Hang in there!

Dodie said...

Hi Brandon, Amy-Jo, babies, & Blue,
Good news and love the pictures. The Christmas tree in the room is good. I know Amy loves Christmas, It is such a magical season and this year is so special. The prayers will continue and know they will be answered.I'm sure seeing Blue made her day! Know we love you all.
hugs & love---Nana & Papa

Emily Guest said...

Brandon... I absolutely love Mary Poppins, I mean I just love it. I beg Rylie to watch it with me all the time. It is one of my favorite movies. If there is anyway for me to get to Dallas I would gladly go with Amy Jo to see the musical. I'm glad to hear everything is going well. We have been praying for you guys at church. Every night before Rylie goes to bed she says her prays and makes sure she prays for Amy and Brandon and the babies, it is really cute. I will keep you guys in our prays. Love, Emily, Josh and Rylie

Anonymous said...

Yeh from Arizona also!! Kami and I think of you guys and are always glad to see good updates--Amy you look awsome, and love your doggy also.

Anonymous said...

SO GREAT! Glad Blue got to visit too!! Cant wait to check out the new pad!! See you tomorrow :) LOVE YOU!

Joanne said...

Aaahhh the infamous Blue!! Christine used to talk about him all the time. So nice they let him up to see you Amy!!
You were a topic of discussion at bible study last night. We are taking a 2 wk break for Christmas but everyone wants to be kept updated during that time. So happy for the new info and that things have calmed. You have to know that you are all in God's hands and that prayers around the world are going up to Him!! Keep the faith. God bless you all. Merry Christmas!
Love and prayers,
I know if we could get Christine to Texas(I believe they will be there next Thanksgiving) she'd go see Mary Poppins with you!

Anonymous said...

Keep growing! I've never seen Blue look so calm ... I'm sure he was happy to see his Mama :-) Brandon -by October you'll be looking for a reason to have a night out - Mary Poppins might just have do to - Amy Jo deserves it! Miss you all and wish we could be there to keep you company! Keep smiling and we'll keep praying! Love you! Barb, Tim, Joey & Baby Boy

Sabrina said...

24 weeks + will be here before you know it. I am glad to hear AJ and the babies are doing well. I am also glad to see they let Blue in the hospital, that is awesome. No cure like puppy love. Keep the updates coming, I love a good Ambient story.

jag said...

Oh! It makes my day when you guys update the blog! Every passing day is such a blessing! Love the pics of Amy-Jo and Blue! So sweet! Glad to see some holiday decorations in the room. I remember my mom putting little table clothes on my tray. It was so silly and sweet at the same time. Praying for you always!

Lindsay F. said...

Hi there babies... I am so glad you are hanging on. Your Mommy (you know, the lady you now live inside of) is doing a very good job resting and I am sure she is going a little crazy as well... watching Mary Poppins over and over may be getting a little old, but please satisfy her. Just cover your ears if you have to. Do not worry, I am sure she will soon tune in to The Sound of Music or It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th St.
Again, just cover your ears if you have to. Speaking of covering your ears, I heard Blue came to visit! He probably isn't quite sure about having to share attention with alot of babies, so give him a little time to get used to you. (Just a hint: He thinks HE IS THE BABY.) But the good news is, he paid you a visit... that's a good sign... for a dog! Hang on little ones, and know everyone is praying for you.(about 10,000 people to be exact, plus BLUE...)
I believe you have already given your parents the best Christmas gift of all... yourselves.

Heidi said...

Brandon I will be more than Happy to come to Texas and go see Mary Poppins with Amy Jo, it can be a duel purpose 1) to see the babies and 2) to goto Mary Poppins.
Glad to hear things are looking up for her and tell her Thank you for the card I LOVED it.
Cousin Heidi

Aunt Connie said...

Amy-jo and Brandon:
Looking good guys! Love that Blue got to come visit. Alyssa said to say hello to the both of you. Thinking of you ALL THE TIME!
Love, Aunt Connie and the gang!

Jessica said...

Hey, guys!! I am so glad to hear that everything is going well for now! Amy-Jo you look great!! Miss you bunches!

Crystal said...

Hi Amy Jo!
Amy, Me and you think alike!

I was withing Mary Poppins this past week and I was thanking of you and how you like all the Disney movies and we would set in your office and talk about them and you would let me listen to all of the Disney Cd's.

So you know I would love to go with you to see the musical.
I keep up to date with your blog and I tell all the people at my work what is going on and if I forget to tell them, ho no!!!!!

I will have to stop by some day and see you.

I told Linda about your blog and she also keeps up with it and she also lets the doctor's know also.

Give me a call some time.

I will email you mu number!

Marry Christmas!!!!

Yours truly,
Crystal Corkhill

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy-Jo, Branden, and babies!
The good news is great to hear! We have been praying for all of you guys. You deserve some good news! Especially since it's Christmas time. Glad to hear Blue got to come up for a visit. He looks really calm for Blue!!! I know he misses his Mom, as much as she misses him! Love the Christmas tree. Glad you are able to have one up in your room. Amy Jo - keep it up! Keep having faith and hang in there. We will keep you all in our prayers. Branden, thanks for keeping us updated on our Amy-Jo. We miss her a lot in MI.
Kati, Bill and Brodi

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! We've been thinking about you and praying for you! I hope the holidays bring wonderful news. I love your spirit and optimism, you two are so great! Take care and let us know if you need help with anything at all!

Corey & Aaron Anderson

Anonymous said...

I just want ya'll to know that we will be praying for you guys. I was actually your neighbor in 456 for about 5 weeks, then delivered on Dec 10. We had a goal of 36 weeks and made it to 34. We just moved out of the NICU and we are in the special care nursery. Know that ya'll will be in good hands no matter where you end up, this hospital is amazing. (although the girls on 4 north spoiled me too much!!! aren't they great!) Hang in there and know that you are in our prayers.

The Henderson's