Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sono Update

Okay so we went in for our sono yesterday, I know, I know I am a day late but don't even get me started on why! Lets just say technology 2, Brandon 1. Anyway back to the sono, everything looked very good. All the babies were right around 1 pound. Hard to believe we can start talking about their weight in pounds. The doctor took a look at Logan's heart again and still notices some abnormalities. They could turn out to be nothing, or they could turn out to be not good, still to early to tell. The good news is the fact his heart is still beating which means we have escaped the original fear of losing him due to twin to twin transfusion. The heart thing stinks, but I'll take some chance over no chance, and I am very confident he will fight and survive.

They are calling AJ stable for now. We made it through the weekend and that is a good sign. Still a long road ahead but we cleared a major hurdle last week. She is still having contractions about every 10 minutes, most of them go unnoticed unless she feels her stomach with her hands. This too is good, as if she was feeling them it could possibly mean she was heading into pre-term labor.

So far the hospital stay has been okay. Although I need to hunt down the person who decided on the couches in the rooms, the are slanted forwards so you kind of roll off when you try to lay on them, not cool. We love all our nurses though; Hi to Amber, Jennifer, Sister Anna, Dawn, Angie, Chrissy, Neha and I know there are a few I am forgetting, but I am pretty brain dead after all this. And yes you can trust who ever I forgot will make sure they give me a hard time about it! Great job on the tree ladies, but mine will kick your butt! I'm so dead...

Later in the week I will try and dedicate an entire post to Amy-Jo and her "Ambien time". Oh the fun we have when Amy-Jo is hopped up on Ambien. Fun for another day though.

Here are some new belly pics, taken with my phone so sorry about the quality. Just an FYI that is my shirt and PJ bottoms she has on, ya pretty much losing all my clothes at this point.


Jessica said...

Glad everything was okay with the sono!!

Ryann Sather said...

Brandon and Amy Jo,
I have been reading your blog each week and I keep Derek updated. Sure is nice to hear that you made it through the weekend. Congratulations on that hurdle! Stay strong, and know that we are all thinking of you. ALL of you are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Looking good mama!! I cant tell you enough how proud i am of you and how much i think of you... proud of you too brandon :)
We are all well here now and i will be up to see you more!!!
XO Case
If Logan is anything like his mother, STRONG WILLED, he will be just fine :)

Robin said...

So happy to hear the babies are growing as they should! I will keep praying for all of you. Love the belly pics!

Joanne said...

Brandon and Amy and babies,
Did you hear us praying for all of you tonight at Bible study. How wonderful to come home to the updated blog. Praise God for all the wonderful things He does. Things sound good, we will all keep praying.
Just one thing what is with that shirt Amy? I know where there is a really nice green one!! Go Spartans!
Love and prayers to you all. God bless, get a good nights sleep. Christine should be checking the blog in a bit(she's home from work)!

Misty said...

I'm so glad for the update! I'm keeping you in my prayers. I hope to come visit this week.
Take care! & Big HUG!

Ps. I don't think I could even fit in Beau's shirts by the end! I was as big around as I am tall! Not a pretty site!````

jag said...

The belly is just too cute! I can't believe I'm typing this, but there are days when I miss my giant belly. Thanks for the update. Continued prayers.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love the pics...Glad you all are doing better. Love you all & miss you!!! Put a COWBOYS shirt on or at least a Michigan State shirt..hahahaha....

Love you,

Lindsay said...

Way to go with the updates Brandon! Tell Amy-Jo that my Mom is following this blog as well as many of my friends. We are all pulling for you. I especially LOVE the belly pictures... poor little Amy-Jo. I wish I could visit you and help pass by the time in the hospital. Amy-Jo, remember our college days when I would choregraph a dance routine in the middle of the night? I bet that would make you laugh right now! Love you guys... stay positive. You have 1,000's following your story and praying for healthy babies.
Lindsay Francuck

Anonymous said...

Oh guys that is great news. So glad to see the pic of Amy also-We are pulling for you everyday and Logan is a tuff little guy, keep on resting Amy Jo, it is the best thing you can do,(plus eat of course)--
Linda (Kamis Mom)

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for updating all of us! Glad to hear things are going ok. My prayers a restill with all of you! Kepp up the good work mom!!

Cochran Quads said...

So glad everything is looking on the up and up! You have lots of people praying for you and your sweet babies!! Take lots of belly pics, I wish I would have taken more!!!
Prayers from Mississippi!!
Sandra - 4yo-G, BBGG 3mo

Jenna said...

Amy Jo you look great! Congrats on the good sono! I cannot believe they weigh a pound now! I havent been to the doc for almost 2 weeks! That is exciting!

Moni Graf said...

Congrats on clearing another hurdle! Glad to hear all your nurses are treating you well....it makes such a difference with your spirits, attitude and outcome to have great, supportive people around you. Nurses rock! Of course, my profession makes me biased :)

Lots of prayers coming to you from KS!


Anonymous said...

I'm coming out of "blog stalker mode" to wish you luck and to let you know that there are many people you do not even know about who are praying you through this. Have never met any of you ...but feel like I'm going through this with you....I happen to be an L&D nurse so I know how difficult it is for BOTH of you to be stuck in the hopital. Glad the nurses are giving you a "hard time" Brandon...that means they like you bunches!!! One qustion...I've read back through your posts and I can't find mention of how many weeks gestation Amy Jo is and when the due date is??? Where are y'all now??

Nana said...

Hi Amy-Jo , Brandon, & babies,
Love the pictures, you do such a great job Brandon. Thank you so much for the pictures. I know I talk with Amy-Jo evryday, but it is so nice to here things from you. You are a sweet, good, wonderful husband, son, son-in law,grandson-in-law. We all love you and thanks for taking such care of our little angel.
hugs and prayers---Nana--& Papa