Monday, April 19, 2010

Fighting for our MIRACLES!

So Saturday was the big day. Our first March of Dimes walk. When I was roped into this little adventure I was told it was a 2 mile walk, turns out it's a 5 mile walk.....with the kids. Needless to say I was in a slight panic with the thought of walking 5 miles, I mean have you seen that belly I'm sporting these days? Oh and having the kids get up early and join us did not sound easy either. But we did make it....but just barely. We took dead last, we were so far behind everyone else they were taking down the signs behind us. 5 miles in just under 3 hours, and that was with us power walking the last 3 miles to beat the rain. Good times I tell ya, good times.

The kids were actually quite good even though we woke them up 1.5 hours early.

This picture cracks me up, she looks like she is posing.

Happy boy getting ready for his long day of flirting.

We have arrived! After some minor travel issues, just how do you fit a triple stroller on a bus you ask? Couldn't tell you we wimped out and parked in a near by neighborhood.

Here we are waiting for the walk to start. We were freaks I tell you freaks. You can see the people in the background staring at us. It was pretty much non stop. If you look closely at the ground you can see the snacks daddy dropped on the ground, nice work daddy those were our favorites!

Hey you look just like the Cox Family. I wonder if you have any pictures on your blog? Hmmm, maybe hit the link and find out...I bet there may even be a VERY cute picture of Logan on there.

Ok so now we were just ASKING for attention!

Look at the two ladies in the back. I am sure they are saying something like, can you believe that tiny little thing gave birth to those three kids....I mean she is so skinny.

The starting line..Finally. What you can't see here is me dumping my diet coke down the front of my shirt as I try to take this picture. Ya pretty good start for me, first the snacks now the coke. Has to get better.

One of many posters along the path reminding us why we are there braving the elements. And it was about this time I thought it would be funnier to answer any questions about the number of babies in our group with, nope they are septuplets and rotate between Heather and AJ as the mom. Comment of the day "They alls twins?"

And while you can't read this sign it is the Gerwer's sign. Unfortunately this is as close as we would get to the Gerwer clan this day as the kids were all sick and Daddy Gerwer was "sick". And by "sick" I mean hung over. And by hung over I mean he drank too much the night before and the faked sick the next day.

Whats that you think you are a super mom or super dad? Well maybe you should get a shirt to tell the world at the best online store DesignedForBabies!

After mile one it was time for food. This picture pretty much sums it all up. Me feeding Logan, AJ holding Lizy and trying to give Madi some snacks. Easy...riggghhhtt.

Logan hamming it up.

Like usual waiting on the women.

See I told you the sign was for the Gerwer's.

Gangsta Madi sports the sideways cap, because that's how gangsta's roll.

Logan grabbing the seat, this actually gets us pretty excited! Yay Logan!

Madi was exhausted and fought off a nap the entire walk.

She did fall asleep but her poor head kept bobbing up and down, poor Barbarian.

We MADE IT. And thanks to all who donated!

Quad Mom's tied for last!

Brandons commentary as usual and AJ's pictures. Honestly we cannot thank you enough for the donations for our team, we raised $600 for the March of Dimes. We can only hope this helps at least one premature baby.


Bret and Heather said...

Love it! I forgot to mention the septuplet thing on my blog. And way to throw Daddy Gerwer under the bus, sheesh! Thanks for hanging with us so we could be freaks together ;)

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it!!! Absolutely love it! And love that you caught that little bity whispering about y'all in the background!! I can't wait to see Robbie's response!

MoDLin said...

You are so awesome to do the whole walk! Thanks so much for supporting the March of Dimes. We really REALLY appreciate your support.

Jennie said...

Love the pics! And the commentating! :) We're excited for our walk on Sunday!