Saturday, May 1, 2010

Silence...Good or Bad

There are not many times during the day I have complete silence other than after the kids are down for the night. We let the girls have freedom in the living room, dining room(kids eating room and ball pit room) and the foyer. Unfortunately I did not get the eyes in the back of my head installed yet so until that day comes I am always nervous when there is silence for longer than 30 seconds.

Below are some examples of the good silence times and the bad.

Sweet little man sleeping while Mommy is cleaning up...Good

Madi Belle doing her thing while her sister is still sleeping...very good.

Lizy Bear silent...hmmmm, well this time it's for the good.

Mommy finding Elizabeth Sage up two steps...Bad!

The girls are up to something here, I couldn't catch it in time but Elizabeth was playing with the door and trying to reach the lock...Bad.

Let me see Logan, I think there is something in there...Bad, Miss Lizy it is your hand.

Poor Madison while sick, this one I say good but bad.

Yes Elizabeth Sage I saw you turning the handle, thank goodness you can't get it all the way-Bad

Elizabeth teaching Madison how to climb stairs...very very bad, Mommy is in even more trouble now!

I heard a door and thought it was the air conditioning pushing it shut and found this instead, who did it? Bad girls

Oh wait what's all this stuff Mommy hides from us in the closet...

When I found them this was a good thing and they were happy and resorted to be very bad screaming girls.

Miss Sage is that a seat? To me this is bad to others maybe not, I see standing and falling next.

Needless to say Elizabeth opened up our bedroom door today and we were off to get safety locks and are praying she doesn't figure them out. She is one smart cookie I tell ya. She loves going to bed right now and nap time as we let her climb/crawl up the stairs. She is trying so hard to figure the gate out and I dread the day she does, it was left open once and Daddy found a Lizy in the office with him. He actually thought I carried her up there to trick him, uh nope honey this one is all you.

And she's off...

We have a few posts coming up one of which is our Q&A. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Love to all!


The Cochran Crew said...

How friggin sweet!!! I love those Sather babies!

Charity Donovan said...

They are so flippin' ADORABLE!!!!!

Brandon Perry said...

you have trouble on the way!!! you won't be sleeping for years

Anonymous said...

My little one, now 2, was climbing up the stairs very early. It is scary, but as they get older they usually are very careful coming down. She walks down now, but our wood stairs make me a nervous wreck :) Your babies are adorable and you are doing a great job with them!