Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morning out with Mama...

This morning I had to run The Blue to the vet to be dropped of for tests, will let you know more when we do. While I was talking to the tech about The Blue (yes we actually do call him The Blue) outside next to the car a delivery guy was checking out the stroller hitched on back. He waited until Blue was inside and asked if the stroller just sits there and how it doesn't fall off. As I was telling him about the strap, my brain stopped and thought oh *!@* I didn't even put the strap over the stroller! Luckily the vet is only 5.6miles away and yes I did map it out. So now that the strap is secure and I no longer have the fear of what could have happened we were off.

This is the first time I have ever taken the kids with me to a store. We stopped by Starbucks, Mama needed her caffeine badly, and then on to Target. I was going in to return an item and thought about looking around. I found some storage containers I had been wanting and without a cart I scoop them up and carry all 3 under my arm. I little difficult yes, but I was not going to the front just to go back and remember what I had found. I did use a cart once I found one and pushed the stroller and pulled the cart, I was so proud I was doing this all by myself. While I was walking out of the store a woman said well if she can do that I can do anything...made me smile. I thought about taking them to lunch by myself and had to really think about it, in the end we had lunch at home. So this may have been a ramble however I wanted to make sure I had this on the blog for my kids to read when they are older. I did not get any pictures unfortunately.
Stroller on my car.

I tried to blur everything out here, see that black strap, that's what holds the stroller on and what I did not attach this morning. There are divots in the hitch for the wheels but one large bump and the runabout would have been gone.

I was able to capture pictures of Elizabeth Sage getting into the chair in stages this morning.

Now what's next on my list, lets try to go out head first!

Below are a few pictures from Mothers Day. It was so nice spending the day together, our big outing was to the grocery store and it was great, the kids were great, and Mama was happy.

Mama with all her babies even The Blue

One last thought, I highly recommend not wearing the Super Mom shirt out without at least one child. I had to run to the store and boy did I get A LOT of looks. Yes I saw and heard whispers as I would walk by. I did wear it proud and when someone did ask me where I got it I told them the fabulous Designed For Babies website.

Here is a picture of the kiddos last Mother's Day...what a difference a year makes.

Love to you all!!!!



Anonymous said...

yay mama!! we will have to take all of our kids out to lunch one day:o) it would definitely be an adventure:o)

Bret and Heather said...

Nice job on the outing! It still scares the crap outta me tho, it's a lot to get used to. And HOLY MOLY... so glad the stroller didnt fall off. Everytime I get into the drivers seat I think to myself "ok i got all the babeis right? brody check bacxlyn check.... Ok I got the strap on the Runabout right? Crap, I better go check!" I swear thats my biggest fear - that stroller going flying down the highway... freaks me out!

Jana said...

Go Super Mom! You CAN do anything since you managed that! Give The Blue a hug from me.

Charity Donovan said...

It's a good thing I don't have a hitch for the choo-choo wagon or I KNOW I would have dumped it in traffic a time or two! hee! hee! You look fabulous momma!!! Hugs!!!!

E. Merritt said...

Great job getting out of the house alone. It is quite liberating to know you can do it alone. I've been trying to get out almost every day in the past week because we are working on eliminating the morning nap. I've thought about going to Target just to walk around, but haven't made it there yet. Oh, and I'm glad to hear your stroller is safe.

Stephanie said...

You deserve to wear that Super Mom shirt on a day like your Target day! You go girl!!
Thats talent! lol
Love the flashback pics..I always love to see the difference a year makes!!
Glad the stroller didnt fall off :)

The Cochran Crew said...

I can't tell you how many times I've pulled over to recheck if I fastened the strap! So proud of you going solo!!! Love you to peices!