Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bye bye germies!

It has been way too long since the last post and so much has happened around here, some good some not so good. The not so good is all the germs and sickness since lockdown was over. Most of the pictures below were taken from my camera phone so they are not the best quality.

We never posted it but in late April Madison was sick with a virus, lasted a few days and then it was over, out first sick baby. At the ER with Daddy.

Our Belle didn't have any energy to play, sweet little girl.

In May Mimi, Brandons Mom visited and watched the kids while we got out a bit. They also loved the extra attention and being loved on even more than normal.

Mimi with Elizabeth and Logan during nap time, the day before Lizy got sick.

Just happens to be a picture of Madison I could throw in, so sweet. Madison wants a bottle so bad and she goes behind the chair, lays on a boppy and cries for it, she cannot decide between a sippy or a bottle.

Poor Elizabeth not feeling well. Not wanting to sleep in her crib I made her a bed on the couch.

Mama, enough with the pictures lets cuddle.

We took Lizy to the doctor after trying to control her temperature and she had hand, foot, mouth disease...sounds so nasty however we were thankful she had only the mouth (throat) spots. It took her two weeks to feel completely better, when Lizys not happy nobody is happy.

Elizabeth put blankets on the couch and climbed up to lay down. Our little sicky Bear.

Logan started to feel bad a week and a half ago. He wasn't eating well at all and had a high temperature for two days. Then he stopped eating all together and there were no wet diapers. I was on the phone with the pediatricians office a lot in a three day period. We went to the ER at a near by hospital Friday night and he received fluids and was sent home. Saturday he had one wet diaper that we were pretty sure was the fluids he had the night before. We were in constant contact with the pediatrician on call, tried to get Logan to take fluids through a syringe with no luck. After much debate we took him to Children's Hospital ER where he was admitted for dehydration. He had a viral infection (no idea where he got it), he refused a bottle or anything, which led to the dehydration.
Logan starting to feel bad, when he naps it is not a good thing. We always keep an extra eye on him because of his health issues and are very cautious of any change.

Friday night in the ER, poor sweet boy couldn't stay awake.

Saturday or Sunday 2 in the morning after too many IV attemps he had a ng tube placed for fluids and was so exhausted.

Us cuddling Sunday morning, I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him in the hospital. I did feel bad for Brandon though because my bed (couch) was much more comfortable than the one he slept on for 3 months while I was pregnant.

This is the first smile we had seen in days, it makes every day better.

Fighting the sleep. Logan slept for almost 3 days straight.

Our great friends Kris and Phill watched the girls while Logan was in the hospital so Brandon could visit us, I think they took advantage of them.

Bryan, Kris and Phills son, love him and those gorgeous eyes.

Auntie Kris, we love you!

Switch and our wonderful neighbors came to watch the girls for a few hours while Brandon was visiting and bringing me food at Children's Hospital.

Major, our neighbors Tori and Clays son. His eyes are beautiful, I would give him anything if he just gave me the stare.

Their daughter Alanna with the girls. They loved it and Brandon said they were wore out and slept great Sunday night.

More sleeping in his hospital crib that looks more like a cage.

Logan starting to feel better. He started drinking a bottle with milk and pedialyte and our little man was on his way back.

Miss Kaity watched the girls all day Monday and we cannot thank her enough. Monday evening Logan and I finally made it back home after I was reassured numerous times Logan would be fine by the nurse, doctor, and Brandon.
I missed my girls so much and I think they missed us too. As soon as the door opened they were waiting and smiling.
I wondering if Lizy is thinking, thank goodness Mama...Dada needs a break from us.
Logan wasn't himself still for a few more days and the girls just wanted to love on him. They try to "help" in any way. We have one bouncer in our house for anyone that comes to visit and unfortunately for Logan it is pink. This is how we got him to eat in the hospital so we tried it at home.

Kisses are huge in this house, Lizy loving on her big brother.
Many more posts to come soon!
Love to all - Amy-Jo


Brianna said...

So glad everyone is on the mend. Hope you and your hubby get some much needed rest!


Mountain Girl said...

I missed the updates, but sorry to hear you have had the sickies. I hope everyone is on the mend and stays well for a long time!

The Cochran Crew said...

Sos tinking sweet! I love your family! Love you!

Charity Donovan said...

SOOOOOOO glad everyone is feeling better momma!!!! Hugs!!! Hugs! & MORE HUGS! =)

Stephanie said...

Poor sickies :(
So glad everyone is feeling better!
We miss you in blogland :)

Anonymous said...

It gets harder to pick a favorite the older they get! Logan is the Man!

jag said...

Oh, sick babies just break my heart. So glad they're feeling better.

Kari said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! I nominated you for an award, check it out in my blog!

Rebecka Vigus said...

So glad they are all on the mend.

Amy said...

Poor sweet babies. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.