Sunday, September 26, 2010

So far behind…

Since the kids are now 19 months I thought it was time for their 18 month post. We have been terrible at keeping the blog updated lately so I will put as many pictures in as you can handle. August is always a busy month for us and it has not stopped since.

August 19th we had their 18 month checkup. Everyone is doing great and on their own curves growth wise, below were their stats they have changed since.


Weight: 19.6 lbs

Height: 30.5 in


Weight: 23.8 lbs

Height: 34 in


Weight: 19.2 lbs

Height: 32 in

We also had their Developmental Pedi visit-the last for the girls. The drive there was probably my worst drive with the kids. Its close to a 45min drive with a little traffic, add in an accident, construction, and rush hour and boy oh boy. When we were 10 minutes away Elizabeth got sick so much so that I quickly exited the tollway and pulled into the first drive I passed. Poor sweet Bear had her breakfast everywhere and I tried to clean her up the best I could with what I had as people are walking by on their way to work listening to Lizy and Madi scream. Once we arrived at the office Brandon was there to help and took all the kids up while I had the fun job of cleaning the car.

The appointment went well and the girls are ahead of their age on some things and right at 18 month in others. Logan is behind as expected and they are very happy with the progress they are seeing. The Developmental Pedi is the only place we go that does not phase the girls, they talk and play as if we were at home alone.

Logan had his evaluation with ECI as well and they are continuing with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The girls were also evaluated and are getting speech therapy because they were both wanting to sign instead of talk and they have sensory issues, Elizabeth more so than Madison. The speech is great when it is just me here, when the therapist is here Elizabeth will not talk at all. Both girls are still not liking to get dirty, Madison is getting better and warms up to the idea of touching different textures after a while. Elizabeth is a completely different story, she will not even walk near the tub of rice or touch pasta.

It is all a work in progress and one I am more than happy to do. I cannot believe how big the babies are, they don't seem like babies to me at all. Below are some pictures until next time, I cannot believe I am putting up the pictures of me but this is a blog for our children and they are memories…no judgments please. Captions provided by Brandon.


If she were only this sweet all the time.


They only look innocent.


Girls playing at Gymboree trial class.


I was just watching mama, I promise.


This time Madi did it mama.


Go ahead, try and tell her no. Impossible.


I think Blue helped Logan take this picture, nice work boys.


Madison in her comfort “spot”. When she starts to cry we put her in the corner of the couch and she usually stops. As I type this she is being put in her “spot”. She spends a lot of time in her “spot”.


Logan napping in daddy’s spot, don’t get to comfortable there boy!


Learning to write using the magna doodle.


I wish I could say we staged this but the girls did this on their own, love those two crazy girls.


Apparently they both really, really did not want daddy, again on their own.


Her booty is so bony she needs extra padding to sit, eat something girl, eat!


We brought this down for Logan, the girls had other ideas. These toys should not be given to children who can climb, not safe.


I am starting to think she is just a big ham for the camera. Of course you would be too if you mom took 100 pictures…per day of you and your siblings. I think we have a picture of every outfit they have ever worn.


Please don’t take my toy Lizy, pretty please…..MAMA!


Lizy doing a stand up routine that has Madi and Logan rolling on the ground laughing.


Queen of the mountain, moments later Lizy knocked her off. Okay I don’t know if that happened for sure but based on a normal day I can assume that probably happened. Followed by a timeout and lots of crying.


Logan moving in for a smooch. The girls love giving Logan kisses, if he cries they run to him.


Lizy touching rice, not exactly excited about the idea.


Get me out of here!!!!!!


Please Mama they are coming for me let me out!


Such a big boy in his AFO’s!

Love to all – Amy-Jo


King Quads said...

Seriously? You HAVE TO post more! You leave a girl wanting more. I love these pictures. Lizzy's hair looks so blonde too.

Love the cuddling on the couch, stand up comedy and snuggling with Mama.

Love you AJ!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love the captions!!!! Love your sweet little kiddos and so happy to see a pic of you in there! Love you woman!!!