Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Water fun!

Labor Day weekend the kids had some fun outside in the little pool and water table.  Unfortunately we only have pictures of Logan and Elizabeth as Madison was not in the best mood and decided to nap instead.  Have fun and enjoy the pictures.

Logan splashing Lizy Bear


I had a blast with the kids and I’m think they did too, Logan was laughing the entire time.  A great work out for me!


Let’s go again Mama!


Elizabeth became brave and walked back and forth on the grass numerous times, this is a huge step for her and her sensory issues.  Still each time she thought really hard about “helping” us clean.

20100906_1007 20100906_1012

I think I’m going to stay at the water table for a while, I’m safer here Daddy.


Oh my beautiful girl, Mommy love you so much!


Let me in they are tricking me out here…NO MORE GRASS!!!!


Hehehe, all to myself, well and Mama of course.


Love you little man and your determined little self.


Next time there will be more pictures and Madison will be included.

Loves!  Amy-Jo

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King Quads said...

Love the pics AJ...Logan's face in that second to last is absolutely adorable!

How fun!!