Friday, October 15, 2010

I knew something was up

Whenever we change Logans diaper he always does what I call his crunch a munch.  Boy has abs that I can only dream of having some day and probably never will unless my muscles somehow go back together perfectly.  He is always looking down to see what we are doing and watching us change his diaper, to me it is strange, the girls could care less and just want a book to play with.  Well, yesterday I figured out why or at least maybe why.  I put Logan down to get his bottle come back to a laughing little man and half his diaper is undone!  I know it was him because the girls were in the foyer playing the entire time.  Oh goodness me.

Not even thinking to take a picture, just wanting to make sure he did not pee on my freshly cleaned carpets I did it back up and then ran for the camera to capture him still laughing for the longest time.


Still going…


Madison joining in along with her cheeser smile

20101014_1600 20101014_1601

Elizabeth not putting her milk down in case Mommy takes it


Wait, what’s that, yes seriously giggle machine is still there!


Seriously Mama, more Lizy and less Logan


Logans new favorite game, inside the bucket


Crunch a munch time!


Log loves it when the girls join in or bang on the bucket, better puking in the bucket thank on the carpet :).


Going through the pictures I went back to last year, WOW is all I can say.  It is crazy how different life is in just one year. 

IMG_3924 IMG_3934


Let alone TWO years, I was 13 weeks pregnant in the picture, I remember I started showing at 8, yes EIGHT weeks and had to start buying maternity clothes.


Love to you all and prayers to the many families and friends that need them right now.



Jennie said...

So great! Well, not that he undoes his diapers, but you know! :) Pictures are so cute and made me laugh right out loud too!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love his smile!!!!! You were so stinking cute preggo!!! Love you so BIG!

vegas_dafna said...

AJ, they are so cute! Great pics, I really enjoyed their laughs/smiles :)