Friday, February 25, 2011

Madi and Logan and Lizy OH MY!!!

With reinforcements visiting we finally made it to the Dallas Zoo. We started off the morning a little late as we decided to change up how we were going to transport the children around all day.  Brandon and my brother Jon took apart two of the choo-choo wagons to fit into my vehicle (I need a mini-van badly) and we threw in a stroller for Logan.  Logan is able to nap if needed in the stroller, however next time we need a better plan for the girls.  Since we took the wheels off the choo-choo wagon and had to put it together once we arrived the front wagon was not too happy with us and kept coming apart.  My big toe has a scar to remember the occasion forever, thankfully Brandon and Jon had on shoes that were able to help the situation.

Thank you Jon and Debie for taking your camera and for all the great pictures from our day and the weekend, I love them all.

Logan at the beginning of the day full of energy.


The girls were interested in every animal. They were all adorable in their birthday shirts – THANK you Auntie Casey and Designed for Babies


In the Children’s Zoo we saw FEEEEEEEEEESH!!! That would be fish according to Madison Isabelle. Below Me with Madison, Uncle Jon with Elizabeth, and Brandon with Logan.


“Uncle Jon should I jump or not?”


Madison and Mama, we are either Moooooooing at a Rabbit or Whooooing because we looked up and saw an Owl.


Lizy in awe of the beautiful pony, my goodness Lizy Bear you are getting more beautiful by the second!


And I’m pretty sure Madison’s new obsession is going to be pigs, after I made her leave the ducks she literally drug me back to the piggies – the girls knows what she loves.


The piggies would not move I doubt they would bite…


Lunch break, Uncle Jon entertaining Logan so I could scarf down some very “healthy” nachos.


I wanted to take this little guy home with me, what is one more monkey around the house right?


Madison wanted to see the bigger “Ah Ah’s” what the girls call Monkeys.


I want that one Mama.


Freedom, the girls loved running around all day and I still cannot believe I let them and did not have a panic attack.


Madison found the bigger Ah Ah with Brandon


I love this picture of Brandon and his mini me.



Let me warn you, never stand too close to the rear of a Rhino, when they “relieve” themselves it is stronger than a fire hose!


It’s diaper changing time, how fun!



This does look like he was staring right at Debie for the perfect shot, watch out Jon someone has a secret admirer.


Such beautiful animals…thank you again Debie for all the pictures, love you!



We all had a blast and stayed as long as the little ones would allow.  I think they did amazing for their first visit and we do plan on venturing back often as well and many other places this year.  One more birthday post coming.

Love ~ Amy-Jo


Elisa's Quads said...

Looks like a blast was had! I so need to take my kids to the zoo... Never have made it there to date!

Tina Michelle said...

It looks so fun and you got some great pics of the zoo animals!