Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We made it to TWO!

Our adventure started over two and a half years ago, here is the link to our first post with the first pictures we have of our precious Miracles Welcome to our Blog.

Two years ago we were here…

Logan, my sweet handsome little man


Our little sweet Lizy Bear


Miss little-bit Madi Belle


Two years later we are chasing after our little 3 pounders still trying to get them to grow.

Time flies when you’re changing lots of poopy diapers, err I mean having fun.  This post is a few days late as our Amazingly Gorgeous MIRACLES turned Two last Friday February 18, 2011.  My brother Jonathon and his fiancĂ©e Debie flew in to spend the fun filled weekend with us.  We did not have a party this year since at least one of the babies have been sick since Christmas, hopefully I will be over this fear next year. 

On their actual birthday we had a busy morning here, Uncle Jon and Aunt Debie flew in and thankfully we had a low key rest of the day.  Playing in the sand/water table was the hit of the afternoon along with the girls favorite pizza - the cupcakes this slacker Mom gave the kiddos were not with the little ones. It was wonderfully celebrating with family!

Happy Birthday!!!!


He just melts my heart all day long…




They really do love each other so very much


Uncle Jon and Aunt Debie –we MISS YOU!!!!!!


Madison is the only child that wanted to cupcakes, our best eater believe it or not.


This is a the Lizy face


How you doin’?


More to come from the weekend, I will try not to overload y’all with too many pictures at once.

Love to you all!!!!  Amy-Jo

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Tina Michelle said...

Aww happy 2nd bday!!