Monday, November 3, 2008

16 week update

Okay lets start this thing off with a little bit of boring doctor stuff. AJ had 2 doctor appointments today (we see the perinatologist every week now) and everything went great. Her cervix looks great, which is the one thing the doctors are keeping an eye on. If the cervix starts to dilate its bed rest for AJ, so we need these reports to stay positive. We got another video today, my goal is to have the video on the site by Tuesday morning, no promises though.

Saturday we had an all day baby class. It covered CPR and some basic care type stuff. It was basically for me, having never changed a diaper AJ thought I could use a lesson or two. The best part of the day (and this is the best part of almost everyday) is announcing to the class we are having quads. The look on everyone's face is priceless, it never gets old seeing the shocked, jaw dropped look on a person's face. Its funny though, I think when you are a few weeks from being a parent of one like most of them were it can be a bit stressful thinking of whats to come then they realize it could be worse, they could be having four! Lucky for us we are used to the idea, and dare I say looking forward to it!

We have started to get asked if we have picked out names, the answer is yes and no. We do have a couple picked out and still debating on a couple others. Well momma wants to decide and sit on the names for awhile to be sure she still likes them. So maybe in a few weeks we will have an update on the names.

I will be starting a new job in about 2 weeks. I will basically be doing the same thing I am now except I will be working for a manufacturer instead of a dealer. It comes with a nice raise and some perks such as all my gas is covered. It will be nice to have the extra income with AJ set to quit work in a few weeks.

Here are some new belly pics of AJ. They were taken late on Sunday so no face shots this time, mom was a little camera shy. She has gained 13 pounds to date, the doctors are pleased with the weight gain which means I have been doing a good job as the Food Nazi.


Anonymous said...

Looking good mama!
ANd the faces, the looks of OMG, NEVER STOP. You get very used to it! Especially when you take them out!!
I am so glad the cervix is holding strong, KEEP IT UP!!
Cant wait to see you guys on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Looking good darling! Glad to hear all is still going well - wish we could be there! Love ya, Barb, Tim & Joey

Misty said...

I can definitely second everything Casey said. The looks, stares & comments NEVER stop!!!!!
THe updates sound great and I love the ultrasound video. SO glad everything is going well! I'll try and call you this week.
Take care,

Nana said...

Hello super six,
Everyone goods great! So glad for the weight you have gained Amy-Jo. Your look beautiful. I know you must feel better now that Mom & Dad are back in the states.I know I am happy to have them back. Thanks Brandon for all the up dates, they are wonderful. Thinking of all of you and love you all.
Nana & Papa

aunt connie said...

Hey guys!
Sounds like everything is going to plan...Keep up the good work! You look terrific Amy-Jo!
Love you,
The Midland, MI gang

Jenna said...

Hey girl! You are looking great! We would love to meet you guys! Email me again, I have lost your email lol! I will give you my phone number and we will get together soon!

PS I so wish we would be in the hospital together! Oh well, we will talk every day!